The Sims Superstar

For sushi in The Sims 3, see Food#Dinner Only Recipes.

Sushi Yatai
Ts1 sushi cart
This traditional Japanese Edo-era style sushi counter is becoming more popular every day. The specially trained Sushi Chefs offer a variety of freshly prepared Inari, Maki, and Nigiri sushi. Sims will delight watching the preparation of their order, and then enjoy the luxurious and sophisticated taste of sushi. Perfect for the Sim on the run who demands more sophistication from their food than a hot-dog delivers.
Game The Sims: Superstar
Buyability Community lot
Price in game §6,714
Object type(s) Hunger
Size 2x2

A sushi cart is a community lot object in The Sims: Superstar. It can be found on some default Studio Town lots.

Sims can purchase sushi from the stand, and can choose from three different types of sushi: Maki Sushi (§25), Nigiri Sushi (§35), and Inari Sushi (§20). The Sim will watch as the vendor prepares the sushi before being served. Eating sushi will provide a slight hunger boost.

The sushi cart has a hunger rating of 5.

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