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World · Featured in: The Sims 4: Island Living
Sulani Map.png
The gorgeous Sulani island chain welcomes all to a life of blue oceans and friendly neighbors. The main islands show off the many walks of life from the community centered Ohan'ali Town, to the more lavish upscale Lani St. Taz, and even down to the seemingly vacant Mua Pel'am. All around is the beauty of nature no matter where you look.
Name Sulani
Game TS4 EP7 Island Living Icon.png The Sims 4: Island Living
Sulani Icon.png

Sulani is a world introduced in The Sims 4: Island Living. It is based on Polynesian islands, with the Hawaiian Islands being the main influence on the world's look and feel.


Active Volcano!


Get up close and personal with Sulani's active volcano! Or admire it safely from afar...

Ocean Activities


Sulani's crisp ocean waters are your aquatic haven for Swimming, Snorkeling, or making a dolphin friend!

Local Culture


Meet new friends and learn about local culture at various local events in Ohan'ali Town


Sulani consists of three neighborhoods which are individual islands.


There are a total of eleven residential lots and three community lots in Sulani.

The lots in Sulani are one 20x20 lot, four 30x20 lots, two 30x30 lots, five 40x30 lots, and two 50x50 lots. Out of these, eight of them are on water.

Residential lots[]



Empty lots[]

Community lots[]


New families[]

Mele Kahananui, Alika Kahananui
As the self-appointed "Sulani ambassadors" this enterprising couple, Mele and Alika, have decided to live out their golden years in a dream retreat away from the bustle of Ohan'ali Town.
Oliana Ngata, Tane Ngata, Leila Illes
Coming to Sulani for inspiration Leila didn't expect to fall in love so deeply with the islands. And it wasn't just the scenery that she fell for, but also for Oliana and her son Tane that welcomed her so easily into their family. The three are now an insparable [sic] ​trio that call Sulani their home enjoying the sand and ocean at their own pace.
Keala Hoapili, Lia Hauata
Sitting high above the center of Ohan'ali Town, Keala watches over the townsfolk who look to her for guidance. This spirited, young-at-heart grandmother has taken young Lia under her wing to pass on the knowledge and cultural history of Sulani through the generations.
Makoa Kealoha, Lilliana Kealoha, Nani Kealoha, Duane Talla
The Kealohas are the epitome of Sulani: an industrious, welcoming, and tight-knit young family firmly rooted in island tradition to honor the past while supporting the bright future of their extended-family community.

Homeless Sims[]


If The Sims 4: Seasons is installed, Sulani will have slightly different weather compared to most worlds. Namely, all weather types are higher in temperature, with winter only going as low as cool. There is a new weather type only found in Sulani called "monsoons". Monsoons are extreme thunderstorms that are stronger than normal thunderstorms in other worlds but happen for a shorter period of time. Monsoons only occur randomly during late summer to late fall.

Snow is also not present in Sulani, but Sims can use the weather-controlling machine to temporarily make snow appear.


  • Sulani is the first world in The Sims franchise to have a completely unique climate.
  • Sulani is an anagram of the Latin word insula, literally meaning island.
    • Sulani may also be derived from the Simlish greeting "sul sul" (hello) and the Hawaiian word "lani", which means "sky".
  • Sulani is mentioned in the Mandrake Bookshelf object's description, from The Sims 4: Realm of Magic.