Sugar Skull
Sugar Skulls in display case
Game The Sims 4
Object type(s) Collectable
A Sugar Skull is a collectable featured in the "Day of the Dead" challenge in The Sims 4. There are 9 unique sugar skulls that can be collected and a 10th gold one that will be unlocked if a Sim uses the "Honor the Dead" interaction on a Sugar Skull Display Case with all 9 unique sugar skulls.

Collecting a Sugar SkullEdit

Sugar Skulls can be obtained by Day of the Dead celebrators, who will spawn on the lot if a Sim has offered a Sugar Skull to a gravestone at night. Sims can "Ask for Sugar Skull" and be given one, sometimes the celebrator needs to chat with the Sim in order to give one out.

List of Sugar SkullsEdit

Image Name Desc Rarity Price
Art Sugar Skull - 1 of 9
Oasis Springs residents were reporting sightings of a mysterious creature.
Common §8
Graham Sugar Skull 2 of 9
Descriptions claimed it was the size of a hog, with the skin of a rat, and spines along its back from head to tail.
Common §8
Howard Sugar Skull 3 of 9
As complaints mounted, ten intrepid adventurers set across the desert in search of the beast.
Common §8
Jeff Sugar Skull 4 of 9
Members of the group reported a sense of unease at night, with the distinct impression they were being watched.
Common §8
Joe Sugar Skull 5 of 9
During the eighth night, the group awoke to screams in the distance, someone had disappeared from their tent.
Common §8
Joel Sugar Skull 6 of 9
At dawn, two members agreed to remain behind in the hopes their lost teammate would return. They were never heard from again.
Common §8
Kevin Sugar Skull 7 of 9
With hope dwindling, the remaining members of the group split up upon discovering diverging tracks in the sand.
Common §8
Michael Sugar Skull 8 of 9
Half the team descended into a long abandoned mine tunnel. It would be their last glimpse of sunlight as they lowered themselves into the depths.
Common §8
Nadia Sugar Skull 9 of 9
The other half explored a nearby canyon. Some say the river there simple swept away. Others say they were taken.
Common §8
Sunny Tenth and final Sugar Skull.
A lone survivor stumbled back into town. she was the first member of the team that had disappeared, desert madness had overtaken her. She could only repeatedly mutter one name... El Chupacabra!
Rare §100
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