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The Sims 3: University Life

Street Art
A Sim in college, spray painting the ground

For other uses, see Art.
Street Art skill icon.png

Street art is a skill introduced in The Sims 3: University Life expansion pack. This skill benefits from the Avant Garde trait.

An Avant Garde Sim will acquire a street art kit in their inventory which can be used to create street art. While tagging a wall or creating a mural, there is a chance that the police will apprehend the Sim, send him/her home, and give a §1,000 fine. Sims get the "Being Watched" moodlet when the police are about to arrive, and it's possible to avoid the fine if the Sim leaves in time, even if the police officer says they are fining him/her.


  • Objects Tagged
  • Murals Created
  • Mural Masterpieces
  • Simoleons Earned from Street Art


Always Wanted
Complete 5 Street Art Masterpieces (Wall or Ground) and you will be able to create Street Art anywhere without permission or getting in trouble.
Master Muralist
Finish 10 Murals and they will be more likely to become a Masterpiece.
Precision Sprayer
Finish 30 Street Art Projects and all future Street Art projects will complete 15 percent faster.


Level Ability
1 Create small murals and wall tags
2 Put out a tip jar to earn Simoleons when creating murals
3 Make medium-sized wall tags
4 Make medium-sized wall murals
5 Create large ground murals
6 Create commissioned street art (check City Hall)
7 Create large wall murals
8 Receive more Simoleons from tips
9 Chances of creating a ground mural masterpiece are much more likely
10 Much more likely chance of creating a Masterpiece wall mural