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Two Sims streaking


Streaking is an interaction for University students[TS2:U]. The player can make a controllable Sim streak by clicking on them, then click streak. While they are streaking, if the player clicks on the ground, it will say "Streak Here". Also, clicking another Sim will give the option "Strip dance For". Streaking provides some fun but uses up your Sim's energy motive. Sims can only streak in college towns; if they go anywhere else (vacation lots, downtown, etc.) they do not have this interaction. Also if there is a teen or younger on the lot they will stop and put their clothes back on or the interaction is not available. Sims can do dances for Sims while streaking.

Streakers are also a new type of NPC are included with The Sims 2: University. Every once in a while, they will enter a college lot (mostly dorms and residential lots, though they may appear on community lots), and run around without clothes on. A streaker may stop to dance in front of other Sims, who, aside from looking shocked if they notice the streaker, will ignore him/her and go about their business. Interestingly, streakers can run right into bathrooms with gender-specific door keeping most others out, a trait they share with coaches. Streakers typically run off before they can be interacted with, but if caught quickly they can be talked to, flirted with, etc. Unusually, they are actually adults, not young adults.

The feature returns in The Sims 3: University Life. Sims will get the "Streaking" moodlet while streaking. There is a chance that the streaking Sim gets caught by the police, resulting in a §500 fine. Sims with the never nude trait will streak in their underwear. Humorously, Sims still have their phones on them during this activity.

In The Sims 4, Sims can dare other Sims to streak after reaching level 4 of the mischief skill. Streaking is also a selectable tradition for custom holidays in The Sims 4: Seasons.

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