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World · Featured in: The Sims 4: StrangerVille
Not to be confused with Strangetown.
StrangerVille Map.png
Welcome to StrangerVille: "The only thing stranger than the people is the flora!" StrangerVille is a quiet little town with a strange problem. The residence are very friendly, but at night things start to get more interesting. If you want to find out more about this town you can find Military Personnel hanging out at the Local Bar, Scientists researching at the Local Library, and that Curio Shop stand is sure to have some strange odds and ends by the trailer park.
Name StrangerVille
Game The Sims 4 StrangerVille Icon.png The Sims 4: StrangerVille
StrangerVille Icon.png

StrangerVille is a world introduced in The Sims 4: StrangerVille. It resembles a stereotypical rural desert town in the Southwestern United States, mostly inspired by the state of Arizona, Nevada, and Area 51.[1]


StrangerVille Plaza


Visit the StrangerVille Information Center. This place is way more interesting than the Secret Lab

Shady Acres Vista


Boasting the most beautiful view StrangerVille has to offer, stay at Shady Acres and you too can wonder where all this wealth comes from

Interesting Locals


You'd be hard pressed to find hospitality like this anywhere else. Just try not to let them get too close...


StrangerVille consists of 2 neighborhoods and one special lot.

Special lot[]


There are a total of 9 residential lots, 2 community lots and 1 special lot in StrangerVille. The residential and community lots are completely editable, while the special lot cannot be edited by the player.

Residential lots[]


All owned lots are considered households.


Empty lots[]

Community lots[]


New families[]

Jess Sigworth, Dylan Sigworth, Christie Sigworth
The Sigworth family is rather new in town. Jess, the mom, had to transfer to the StrangerVille National Base. After spending a few days on the base, Dylan has started to notice something is a bit off about his wife. Although Dylan is doing all he can to reassure their daughter that everything is okay, Christie is starting to catch on and it is only a matter of time before she realizes what is going on.
George Cahill
George Cahill was a retired pilot who enjoyed taking his beloved plane Penelope for long flights across the world. After passing over StrangerVille, there was a large flash of light, causing his plane to short circuit and crash. George has since set up camp in the cargo bay of Old Penelope and has lived on the outskirts of StrangerVille ever since. Although he has grown skeptical of the residents of StrangerVille, he means no harm and mostly keeps to himself.
Ted Roswell, Meredith Roswell
The Roswells are the oldest residents in StrangerVille. Ted Roswell has since become the mayor and has been aggressively pushing to get StrangerVille to be more technologically advanced. He has made some shady deals, but his crowning achievement has been the construction of the Crater Base and Secret Lab. Ted’s wife, Meredith, has been noticing Ted acting very strange at night. It might have something to do with his frequent visits to the Secret Lab to try and cover things up.
Alice Martin, Mark Eggleston, Leslie Holland
The Eclectic Arts Household consists of three friends who have decided to cut ties with the modern world in order to explore their inner creativity. They received a large sum of money from their parents and are using it to explore their creative dreams in a less hectic town.



With The Sims 4: Seasons installed, weather in StrangerVille is typically warm to hot with sunny or cloudy skies. Summer temperatures include frequent heat waves. Snow can occur in the winter, but it will not accumulate as temperatures are generally still cool to cold.

Story progression within StrangerVille will affect the weather that the world experiences in addition to the seasonal changes. StrangerVille has a unique weather type called "Strange Weather", which is active throughout the pack's storyline.


  • StrangerVille has the most number of lots for a game pack world to date, with 12.
  • According to Erwin Pries in the Investigation trailer, the crater is the size of Windenburg.
  • George Cahill's home, Old Penelope, has no usable counter space in its kitchen because the only open counter is obstructed.
  • If Eco Lifestyle is installed, StrangerVille is the only residential world in the game that does not feature any eco footprint. The only other worlds in the game without eco footprint are the vacation worlds (Granite Falls, Selvadorada and Batuu).