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St. Feu household
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Meet the St. Feu family and friends! A Caribbean-themed household whose members utilize fun patterns to complement their amazing fashion sense!
Name St. Feu household
Members Rémy St. Feu, Aliya St. Feu, Désirée St. Feu, Luarant Dupre', Livie Mounier
Number of generations 1 generation
Other information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Gallery

The St. Feu household is a pre-made household featured in the promotional material for the Caribbean-themed game update for The Sims 4. It can be found on the Gallery where it was uploaded by Maxis.[1]

The household consists of Rémy St. Feu and his sisters Aliya and Désirée as well as their friends Luarant Dupre' and Livie Mounier.


Rémy: French form of the Latin name Remigius.
Aliya: Arabic, meaning "high" and "exalted".
Désirée: French, meaning "desired".




  1. St. Feu Household by Maxis
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