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Spy sim stealing

A Spy stealing

The Spy is a specialist character in The Sims Medieval. Spies are classified as a hero character and can be used by the player and other kingdoms.

Spies are capable of murdering other sims through poison, stealing information and money or eavesdropping. They are also one of the hero characters capable of dueling. The only character other than the monarch able to pass edicts, the spy has great power over the political direction of the kingdom.

The Spy was also one of the specialists defined in the Medieval commercial, along with the Knight and Bard. "When I'm a spy, nobody knows what I'm gonna do. *A man is choking on a poisoned drink in the background* Ha ha! Poison all up in your body!"


  • At level 1, the hero's title is Under-Spy
  • At level 5, the hero's title is Spy
  • At level 10, the hero's title is Master-Spy.

Poisons and Tonics Edit

The Spy is the only character of the Kingdom able to craft poisons. They just need to "collect" the necessary herbs for the chosen poison. However, then they must go to the Crafting Table and pick out the evil recipe they wish to craft.

The Crafting Table can be found at the second story of the Spy Quarters.

Instead of using cheats for instant money, this other option is the most effective way to earn Simoleons for the Spy. Crafting poisons will also generate fast experience points (XP) for the hero. The character besides can gather all of the herbs in the Kingdom and this will provide him with even more XP. In brief, crafting poisons will make you step up to level 10 faster.

As additional note, inside the forge/crafting table poisons will appear colored: red, yellow and green. Green should not be a problem; however, red could prove difficulty. Failing to make an item will not use up the ingredients.

Recipes Edit

Spies are one of the few heroes that is able to gather all kind of herbs and flowers. The hero must actually "Collect" all ingredients depending on the wishing poison to craft before going to the crafting table. Once he got all the admixtures in the inventory, he could start crafting The Sims Medieval's poisons he choose.

Coagulating Compound Edit

A boon to anyone who lives by the sword, this little wonder reduces the severity of a wound by instantly stopping bleeding.

Ingredients: Bloodmoss (x3), Nightshade (x1), Sagewort (x2)

Combustion Cordial Edit

Make a bold fashion statement with a new "sinyed" look, sure to impress blacksmiths and dragon-slayers everywhere!

Ingredients: Eaglewood (x2), Grassweed (x2), Seeds (x2)

Mystic Grog Edit

Enjoyed by bards, sailors and pirates the world over, one sip of this concoction of concentrated conviviality will get you instantly drunk.

Ingredients: Belladonna (x2), Grassweed (x3), Lordleaf (x1), Well water (x1)

Pestilence Poison Edit

Ingredients: Belladonna (x3), Bloodmoss (x4), Nightshade (x2), Sagewort (x1)

Preparation Poison Edit

Ingredients; Belladonna (x1), Eaglewood (x2), Wildflowers (x2)

Reapers Scythe Edit

Ingredients: Angelwood (x1), Belladonna (x2), Bloodmoss (x3), Nightshade (x4)

Rejuvenating Reagent Edit

Ingredients: Angelwood (x1), Bloodmoss (x2), Nightshade (x1), Valoroot (x2)

Truth Tonic Edit

Slipping a bit of this into a Sim's drink will force the Sim to answer truthfully any question put to them.

Ingredients: Belladonna (x2), Grassweed (x4), Sagewort (x3)

Vomicious Venom Edit

A rather weak poison effective at irritating stomachs.

Ingredients: Belladonna (x3), Lordleaf (x1), Seeds (x2)

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