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The Sims 2: FreeTime

For professional sports career in The Sims 3, see Athletic (career)#The Sims 3.

Hobby Sports.jpg
Sims playing soccer at the park

Hobby Sports.png

Sports is one of the many hobbies Sims can enjoy in The Sims 2: FreeTime. High enthusiasm in sports allows access to the Dreamy Fields secret lot. Having an active or grouchy personality will raise the enthusiasm for this hobby faster.

Some Sims love all things sport. Any kind of physical exercise from throwing axes or footballs to boxing or playing soccer and basketball gets excited. Sims with high body skill are going to be more enthusiastic about sports


Activities that raise a Sims enthusiasm in sports are:

Available to children and up:

Available to teens and up:

Unlockable interactions[]

Gaining enthusiasm in this hobby can unlock these interactions:

  • "Talk about Sports"
  • "Read Section ... Sports" in newspaper
  • "Browse Web About Sports"
  • "Share Hobby Tips About Sports" with a Sim
  • "Blog About Sports"
  • "Instruct in Sports"
  • "Be in the Zone"


  • Uninspired Underling
  • Backyard Athlete
  • Stadium Sitter
  • Season Ticket Holder
  • Number One Fan

Special effects[]

Sims in the zone can hear audible clapping when they shoot hoops.

Hobby instructors[]

Befriending a Sports hobby instructor will decrease the friends requirements by one for Sims who work in the Athletic career.


If a sports hobby instructor tries to autonomously greet a Sim that's swimming in the swimming pool to build their fitness, the hobby instructor may change into their togs and hop into the pool, despite being unable to greet a Sim while in the swimming pool.