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"All the Rave" Warehouse to Alexander Orelon
Alexandra O'Mackey to Archibilt Estate household
Archie Archer to Bassinet
Batbox to Boots (Arbor Falls)
Boots Kat to Capitano Family
Capitola A to Chester Harris
Chester Landgraab to Compello acceptus
Competent Cleaner to Dallas Carmel
Dallas Shallow to Dislikes Children
Dislikes children to Elin Wrede
Eliott Antig to Favorite Sim Vote
Favorites to Frosty Dreams
Frugal to Gnomes
Gnubb to Hawas family
Hay to Independent
Independent (pet trait) to Jennie Larson
Jennifer Burb to Justine Roth
Justine Warren to Kvornan Tricou
Kyle Anderson to Lily Lum
Lily Mei to Loves the Cold
Loves the Heat to Mareva Puaiti
Margaret Buckingham to Mercedes May
Merchant to Multi-Rabbithole
MultiTab 6000 to OR
Oakely family to Parties
Partihaus household to Pleasantview/Onomatology
Pleasantview/Theories to Ramin Centowski
Ramin Kentowski to Rockwell Acres
Rocky Tanker to Scavenger Fields
Scenario to Sierra Guevara
Sierra Moss to Songs in Simlish
Sonia Cervantes to Sutter Family
Suzanne Brown to Tattoo parlor
Tattooing to The Sims 2: Super Collection
The Sims 2: Teen Style Stuff to The Sims 4/Patch 69
The Sims 4/Patch 7 to Tina Roennigke (Sim State University)
Tina Roennigke (Strangetown) to Unborn baby Hudson
Unborn baby Ingberg to Vyn Shaw
Vyn Shibata to Yvette Grisby
Yvette Yee to ƤØŞŞ€ŞŞ€Đ
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