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"All the Rave" Warehouse to Alexander Orelon
Alexandra O'Mackey to Archie Archer
Architectural Designer to Batul Larson
Baxter to Born Salespeople
Born Salesperson to Capricorn
Captain Catastrophe to Chet Chorduroy
Chet R. Chase to Compulsive Gambler
Compulsive gambler to Damon Featherlight
Dan's Grove to Diving area
Diving board to Elizabeth Fuchs
Elizabeth LaFontaine to Featured Editor
Felicia Gray to Future Sim
Future lounge to Good
Good (The Sims 3) to Heavy Metal Lute
Heavy Sleeper to Insect
Insecure to Jesper Sandstrom
Jesper Sandtrom to Kalamainu'u Iona
Kale Mahai to Lady Ravendancer Goth
Lady Scott to Lisa Gray
Lisa Jeffress to Lucretia Parrott
Lucy Bradshaw to Marika Mehta
Marilyn Downes to Michael McCarthy
Michael Sims to Mysterious Mr. Gnome
Mystery Man to Old Age
Old Country to Pay sites
Paysite to Potty Chair
Potty chair to Red’s Famous ‘50s Diner
Ree Treave to Rosebud
Roseland Family to Seashell
Season to Simon Cho
Simon Crumplebottom to Sport
Sports to TS3WA
TS3 A to The Big Hair House household
The Bluffs to The Sims 3/Patch 26
The Sims 3/Patch 27 to The Sims Complete Collection/cheats
The Sims Creator to Tour
Tours to Val Mckellar
Valentin Frye to Wendy Bachman
Wendy Kimbrell to ƤØŞŞ€ŞŞ€Đ
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