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South Side Bridge

"Style? Fuh-get-about it..."

Located directly under the South Side Bridge overpass, this somewhat seedy neighborhood in The Urbz: Sims in the City has a great view of the river. Standing on the docks in the shadow of the elevated train, you can look across the dark blue waters to the tall buildings in the distance. Watch your step in Southside because there are some tough characters wandering around, and you wouldn’t want to end up sleeping with the fishes, would you?

“Hey buddy, wanna buy some fireworks?” If so, you’ve come to the right place. Browsing among the old tin-roofed red brick buildings you’re sure to stumble on Louie’s Flameworks, home of the bootleg fireworks production plant. Louie is always short-handed and looking for new blood. Some skill with a sledgehammer and a willingness to mess with Louie’s competition are also a plus. A familiar double-wide goon is guarding the door to the Lucky Six casino where games of chance and a self-serve juice bar await Urbz who are in the know. The well-appointed bathroom, with leopard skin rug and Mission-style bookshelf, is a great place to refresh yourself.

This is the place to stock up on red-leather clad Loungemaster counters, marble trimmed showers, and wood paneling. If fashion is more your bag, check out Bab’s Beauty Barn for some style-shifting goodness such as the pink-ruffled tuxedo shirt, or an open-necked aloha shirt, or even a leopard print mini-skirt with matching halter top. You’ll look like you’re part of the “family” before you know it.

Southside Bridge is, you guessed it, in the south part of town. This used to be a bustling port, back before Louie and his pals moved in to set up their fireworks empire. The subway here has moved above ground to the elevated tracks, which cross the bridge to Cozmo Street. Take a seat on one of the wooden green benches facing the water and you’ll be surprised how refreshed you’ll feel. Then head over to the Lucky Six and try your luck. Tell em Louie sent you.

Getting a reputation here will get you noticed by the residents of Skyline Beach.


Louie Bricks is the head cappo around here. He’s the guy to talk to to break into the firecracker biz. Pamela Sneer and Babs Margarita are two of the well-appointed women you might meet at the Lucky Six. Pam’s got a thing for placing big bets at the llama toss. Befriend her to learn how to set up a little alley-way game of chance yourself. Jimmy Two-Shoes, one of Louie’s key guys, is the creator of the infamous “firecracker dance”. Treat him right and he might show you the trick.

Southside INT

Preferred Social Moves

  • Fake Punch
  • Firecracker Dance
  • Gamble
  • Slap
  • Tango
Southsidebridge OV


  • Bab's Beauty Barn (Clothing Shop)
  • Louie's Flameworks (Local Job)
  • Lucky Six (VIP Area)


Authored by Steve Rolston.

Concept Art


South Side Bridge is based on Mafia-controlled Brooklyn, New York.

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