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The residents of Snordwich look upon the poor, toilsome workers in Crafthole with a bit of pity. Why do they work so hard? What problem can't be solved by a good, long nap? Snordwich's daily mandatory napping period in the afternoon, for example, has served them quite well.

Snordwich is an extremely laid-back territory who's citizens are required to have daily naps every afternoon. The head of the Snords - as they're called - is the Snoozemeister, who's protected by a bodyguard known as Snoozeguards.

Snordwich appears on the map when the kingdom reaches 160 Renown. It requires 10 Resource Points to ally with.


Snordwich buys fish.


  • 5 Wood for Sleeping Draught
  • 1 Goose Feather for Mithral
  • 2 Tablet of the Watcher for Darkstone
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