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Trait Snob
Snob is a social trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with the Easily Impressed trait.

Snobs are very hard to impress though they love hearing about themselves and will never turn down a compliment. They dream of owning only the finest things and being associated with the highest echelon of neighborhood Sims.


  • Sim loves to gloat.
  • Sim will always react positively to compliments.
  • Sim will get positive moodlets when purchasing expensive things.
  • Sim will get the "I am Beautiful" moodlet when looking in the mirror.
  • Snobs are more likely to wish for money -related goals.
  • Sim would like to befriend rich Sims.
  • NPCs with this trait are attracted to the following lot assignments: Big Shop & Little Shop (not currently used in the game)
  • Unlike most other Sims, who get along well if they share a common trait, if two Snobs encounter one another, they are likely to dislike one another, as both think that they are the best and hate anyone else believing that they are the best.
  • Sim will be more descriptive when describing the taste of nectar (World Adventures ).
  • Snobby Sims will actually get along with Easily Impressed Sims, as the Easily Impressed will be wowed by all the things the snob has to say, and there's nothing a snob loves more than admiration. The same goes for Schmoozers , as Snobs will never turn down a compliment.
  • Snobs that own the same type of furniture with one being more expensive than the other will tend to use the more expensive one.
  • If a Snob buys an inexpensive item from the consignment store they will get the "Feeling Cheap" moodlet.


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