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Smith family
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After a fruitful career, Pollination Technician 9 has retired to his favorite planet. But can his son Johnny make friends and fit in, or is this family just too strange for Strangetown?
Name Smith family
Members Pollination Tech#9 Smith, Jenny Smith, Johnny Smith, Jill Smith
Number of generations 5 generations
Family connections Curious family, Singles household, Specter family, Grunt family
Lot 101 Road to Nowhere
Funds §6,129
Other information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Strangetown

The Smith family name was adopted by Pollination Tech#9 Smith when he arrived in Strangetown. The family lives at 101 Road to Nowhere. They are related to the Curious family through Jenny Smith. The family consists of Pollination Tech#9 Smith, his wife, Jenny Smith, and their children, Johnny and Jill Smith. Pollination Tech#9 Smith is an alien, while Jenny is human. Their son Johnny has green skin but lacks alien facial features, while their daughter Jill has an entirely human appearance.

When the family is first played, it is around 10:00 am on Sunday, and is Johnny's last day as a teen. The family has bought a buffet table and birthday cake, in preparation for his birthday party, but the party has not started.


Smith: An English surname derived from the trade name smith. "Smith" happens to be the most common surname in the United States. This is quite ironic, seeing as these Smiths are anything but "common".
Pollination Tech#9 Smith: A reference to his previous occupation, as he comes from a long line of alien pollination technicians.
Jenny Smith: Short for Jennifer, means "white" or "smooth".
Johnny Smith: A diminutive of John, meaning God has favoured/God is merciful.
Jill Smith: Short for Gillian, which is the English form of Julia, which is the feminine version of Julian which means downy beard.

Family tree

Curious-Smith Family Tree



Smith Family
Pollination Tech#9 - Jenny - Johnny - Jill