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For the trait in The Sims 4, see Slob (The Sims 4).
Trait Slob
Slob is a physical trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with Neat and Proper traits.

Slobs constantly leave messes in their wake. To make matters worse, they won't offer to pick up or clean! Luckily common filth won't offend their senses.


  • Sim makes messes, but that's just fine. Sim won't feel any differently about the surroundings...
  • Sim can lick a plate clean to satisfy hunger.
  • Sim will have no problem eating spoiled or burnt food! It's good.

Player notesEdit

  • Sim cannot gain the Dirty, Filthy, or Vile surroundings moodlets.
  • Objects used by slobby Sims get dirtier more often.
  • Sim will slam down their food gluttonously while eating.
  • After a shower, sim might leave a puddle of water on the floor.
  • Grungy moodlet negatively affects sims with this trait, while the smelly moodlet does not.
  • NPCs and inactive sims with this trait will not visit the following lot assignments: Laundromat
  • Sims fart/belch sometimes.
  • Sims with the Slob trait will make out with kissing booth attendants callously when asking to be kissed. The attendant will angrily wave their arms as if attempting to escape, and exclaim disagreeably with the Slob Sim.[TS3:S]
  • Sims will never get nauseous from dumpster diving.

Premade slobs in The Sims 3Edit

Parker Langerak, Molly French, Sandi French

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