Singles household
Singles household
Has there ever been a group of roommates so different from one another? As if living in Strangetown isn't hard enough, will these girls be able to accept their differences and be friends or will the tension tear the house apart?
Name Singles household
Members Erin Singles, Lola Singles, Chloe Singles, Kristen Singles
Family connections Curious family, Smith family, Beaker family
Funds §22,901
Other information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Family bin
Neighborhood Strangetown

The Singles household is one of the pre-made families in Strangetown that came in the base game of The Sims 2. It is found in the family bin for Strangetown.

Their household consists of the half-alien sisters Lola and Chloe Singles, whose original surname is Curious; Erin Singles, who is Loki Beaker's sister; and Kristen Singles, whose original surname is Loste. They are all trying to find love in Strangetown. They bicker and fight just like average roommates, but their fighting is much worse.

The members of the Singles household all have acquaintance level relationships with one another. These are generally positive, though Chloe has a negative daily relationship with Erin and Kristen, while Erin has a negative daily relationship with Chloe.


Singles -- Because they are all single.

Erin Singles : From Eireann, meaning Ireland.

Lola Singles : Diminutive of Dolores, meaning grief.

Chloe Singles : Greek, green shoot. This may be ironic, since she is green.

Kristen Singles : from Christina/Christian meaning a Christian.

Family tree

For Lola and Chloe's family tree, see Curious family.

For Erin's family tree, see Beaker family.

For Kristen's family tree, see Loste family.


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