The Singles Family is one of the premade families in Strangetown that came in the base game of the Sims 2. The first roommates presented, before the expansion packs University and Apartment Life, to players in the game. The Singles include twins Lola Singles nee Lola Curious and Chloe Singles nee Chloe Curious along with Erin Singles nee Erin Beaker and Kristen Singles nee Kristen Loste.

Chloe and Lola are half-sisters to the curious brothers Lazlo Curious, Vidcund Curious and Pascal Curious through their brother’s father Glarn Curious and the twin’s father Pollination Technician 9 Smith. As their father is a alien they too are hybrids like Johnny Smith and Jill Smith who would also be their half-siblings.

Erin is the sister of Loki Beaker and sister-in-law to Circe Beaker.

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