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This is the Onomatology page for Sim State University.


  • Bright - an adjective that means that someone is intelligent
  • Martin - comes from Latin name Martinus and means "of mars" or "of war/ warlike", "martial", "warrior"
  • Stacks - a surname that is usually written as Stack (it also has a meaning in mathematics, geology and chemistry)
  • Jane - feminine form of Hebrew name yehochanan which means "yahweh is merciful/gracious" or " graced by yahweh "
  • Gorey - a surname
  • Allegra - is female name of Italian origin and means "joyful / happy" or "lively"

Frat BrothersEdit

  • Frat - short for the Latin frater wich means "brother" or "brotherhood"
  • Brothers - plural for brother which means a male sibling (biological or adopted)
  • Pitts - a surname
  • Ashley - it is an English unisex given name that means "ash tree meadow"
  • Ruben - is the Dutch and Armenian way of writing the biblical male name Reuben
  • Joshua - Hebrew yehoshua wich means "yahweh is salvation"
  • Beare - a surname
  • Kevin - a name meaning "of noble birth"
  • Nova - it is a word that means "new" in some languages, in Slovene it's the feminine form of the word nov which also means "new"
  • Castor - a name that is used as a surname and first name

Tri-Var SororityEdit

  • Sampson - is a surname/first name
  • Tiffany - a feminine name that means "manifestation of god" or "appearance of god" (also a surname)
  • Upsnott -
  • Brittany - a name given after Brittany region in France
  • Huffington - a surname
  • Heather - a given name after a flower (also a surname)
  • Freshman - first year students in college and high school
  • Thomas - a surname that means "son of thomas" and a given name that means "twin"
  • Sam - short for Samantha; it's the feminine form of the Greek name Samuel and means "flower"

Student binEdit

  • Star - a type of astronomical object of a luminous spheroid of plasma held together by its own gravity.
  • Child - is the offspring of humans or an individual of the human species that is under the age of majority
  • Jared - may mean "descend", "rose", or "servant"
  • Bubbler -
  • Ty - often a short form of Tyler (means "maker or layer of tiles" or "doorkeeper of") or Tyrone (a given name)
  • Phoenix - a mythical bird that is cyclically reborn
  • Jimmy - Diminutive of James means "supplanter"
  • Swain - means "youth", "young man", "boy", "young male", or "servant"
  • Erik - means "sole ruler", "eternal ruler"
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