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Private school, introduced in The Sims 2, is a school that children and teenagers can attend. You can get your kids/teens into private school by inviting the headmaster via phone and impressing him with food, a tour of the house, and schmoozing. If all goes well, he will accept your kids/teens.

This page will pertain to the Sims 2.


  • Teens who are in private school will start teen careers at Level 2.
  • Performance awards are skill points rather than a small sum of money.
  • A day at private school takes less of a toll on needs.


  • Homework is somewhat more stressful, which leads to a large fun drop if Sim is left unattended for a long time.
  • Preparing for the headmaster can be stressful if you have a large house for a tour and if you cook food at a late time.

Getting into Private School

If there's a student on the lot that has a grade of C or higher, any child or older Sim can call the Headmaster using the "Invite Headmaster" interaction on the phone. The headmaster then will arrive at 5 p.m. and a 6 hour scenario will start. You have to do three tasks to get accepted into private school.

To perform any of the tasks, click the Headmaster and select an interaction under the "Entertain" category.


Have your Sim serve a meal. The higher the cooker's Cooking skill, the more points the scenario will get. Burned food will not earn a good score.

Tour of the House

This task can earn 40 to 50 points. Show every room in the house; rooms with higher Environment scores are worth more points.


This last element involves building relationship with the household members. The more Daily Relationship build, the better the Schmooze score. Talking to the Headmaster will also build this score, and talking around the dinner table will contribute to it.

Bonus Scoring

Getting the Headmaster to do any of the things once earn an extra 10 points:

  • Get him into the hot tub (though it can be hard to get him out).
  • Get him to drink coffee.
  • Have a drink from the bar.


Never, ever make chef salad for the headmaster. No matter who he is (varies for each game), the headmaster absolutely hates chef salad. He prefers pork chops, lobster and salmon. Also it's a good idea to have one parent at home, giving the tour, while the other parent cooks the food. Try to keep the kid out of the way.

When your Sim is pregnant if you want the child to get in to private school make one of the parents start studying cooking and get the other to get a nice job for a good tour

If you're using the boolprop cheat, you can make your Sim best friends with the principal, which fills the Schmooze requirement. If you then give him a decent tour, you're in, without the fuss and muss of cooking.

Check to make sure that all doors are unlocked when the headmaster visits. If he finds himself locked out, he will reject the kid outright.

The Headmaster scenario can be glitchy, so call close to 4 pm, save just before calling, and don't save while the scenario is in progress. That way, if it glitches, you should be able to exit without saving, and try again.

If you use the coffeecuphack from More Awesome Than You! , it may be a good idea to remove or disable it before calling the Headmaster, unless you don't plan to serve him coffee or espresso. Occasionally, a "jump bug" may occur when a Sim washes a coffee cup in a sink. While this is only a mild annoyance if it happens to a household member, if it happens to the Headmaster. he will vanish.