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Note: This article is about a fictional in-game location, not the Maxis-created video game series of the same name.

SimCity is the city in which all of the games in The Sims series are based and is a major city in SimNation. It is also the supposed capital of SimNation. Many products and services come from SimCity. Buy Mode items are also apparently made there as well. The city is apparently a global city. SimCity can also be seen to some extent in some paintings in The Sims 2. SimCity may be located within Sim State.


Not much is known about SimCity's history, but it is said that it has avoided big wars.[1]

In 1906 "The SimCity Fire" took place and destroyed many items of daily use.[2] This is likely a reference to the 1906 earthquake of San Francisco, which caused some fires in the city. It was started by a kerosene engine during the filming of "Toaster Rockets, then the Death Ray".[3]

The Sims eraEdit

In The Sims, its console version, and the console version of The Sims Bustin' Out, the newspaper is called "SimCity Times," and many services are branded under the "SimCity" name. In Hot Date, the main stretch of community beach is named "SimCity Beach," implying that Downtown is part of SimCity and that SimCity is a coastal city. The message prompt that appears when first loading Unleashed refers to Old Town as "SimCity's new historic Old Town district," confirming it to be part of SimCity. When first loading Makin' Magic, Magic Town is described as "SimCity's own Magic Town," implying that it is also part of SimCity, though the rural setting and lack of streets suggests that it may be on the outskirts of town. When a lot is first loaded in Makin' Magic, a pop up mentions strange happenings at the edge of town, further supporting this. Vacation Island is separate from the city, and it is unknown whether Studio Town is a part of the city. However, a pop up has Studio Town's grand opening announced by the SimCity Entertainment Oversight Committee. It can be concluded that Neighborhood 1, Neighborhood 2, Old Town, Downtown, and SimValley are districts/suburbs of SimCity.

The Sims 2 eraEdit

In The Sims 2, the newspaper and many city services and agencies are labeled "SimCity." This seems to indicate that the neighborhood is in or directly adjacent to SimCity. Pleasantview is definitely a part of the city as it is the same location as Old Town 25 years after The Sims. Strangetown is known to be in a rural area, as the highways are described as roads to nowhere, while Veronaville is most likely in Europe. In The Sims Pet Stories, Arbor Falls is described as being nestled in the mountains of SimCity. Police cars have a badge on the side which could be SimCity's police badge. Most cars have yellow-on-blue license plates which could be SimCity's license plate or even Sim State's. The plates look similar to 1969-1980 California plates.

Locations within SimCityEdit

  • Arbor Falls
  • Bluewater Village (possibly)
  • Downtown (The Sims: Hot Date)
  • Neighborhood 1
  • Neighborhood 2
  • Old Town
  • Pleasantview
  • Sim State University (possibly)
  • SimValley



  • Career descriptions in the Politics career in The Sims and The Sims 2 describe SimCity as being the state capital where the State Assembly is held.
  • Mama Hick's bio mentions that she once was Miss SimCity.
  • According to one of the buyable paintings in The Sims 2, a notable landmark of SimCity is its red suspension bridge, which resembles the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
    • Because of this, SimCity could be based on San Francisco, which is not too far from both Maxis studios in Emeryville and Walnut Creek.


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