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Shang Simla
Shang Simla
Vacation destination · Featured in: The Sims 3: World Adventures
Shang Simla
Shang Simla thumbnail.png
Shang Simla, China is home to people that value discipline, peace, and clarity of mind over all else. While there, adventurers are encouraged to visit the Academy to learn the Martial Arts skill, then head to the Scholar's Garden for introspective meditation. If you're lucky, you may even catch one of Shang Simla's famous fireworks shows!
Name Shang Simla
Game TS3WA Icon.png The Sims 3: World Adventures

Shang Simla (模海) is a pre-made destination sub-world that was added to The Sims 3 in The Sims 3: World Adventures, along with Champs Les Sims and Al Simhara.


Shang Simla.png

Shang Simla is a peaceful community set near a mountainous area of China near the Great Wall. It was founded by a group of monks with an ethos of discipline and Martial Arts. The town is named after Shang Ri-La. It is full of colorful flora, such as Chinese elms and cherry trees, growing on deep green hills. This sub-hood features activities and items that compliment Chinese culture and architecture. Shang Simla is the hub for training in the Martial Arts skill introduced in World Adventures. Sims can also explore landmark tombs and hidden tombs throughout this world, there are numerous adventures to be had. There are numerous pre-made families in Shang Simla, although they all unfortunately lack description texts and money. Description text on some objects introduced in World Adventures expand on the lore of Shang Simla, depicting characters such as painter Han Shin.

A trip to Shang Simla costs §1300 for a single Sim and §1000 for each additional Sim, making it the cheapest vacation destination the player's Sims can travel to.


  • Sims will bow to each other when greeting, instead of shaking hands.
  • Sims who live here all have the inheritable Asian Culture hidden trait. This makes Sims eat with chopsticks.
  • Players' Sims can compete in a Shang Simla exclusive Martial Arts competition, calling opponents similar to the ranked chess competition.
  • Lots here make liberal use of the new pagoda roof style.

Exclusive Items[]

Comparisons with the Real World[]

Unlike Al Simhara and Champs les Sims, Shang Simla has elements taken from several real world locations around China, mostly from Beijing. It is set in the mountains, most likely the Taihang mountains of Hebei, Shanxi, and Shaanxi considering the Great Wall.

  • The Forbidden City not a perfect square in the real world, and is located within Beijing.
  • The Terracotta Army in the real world is much larger than it is in game.
  • The Temple of Heaven in the real world does not contain an underground tomb or houses a mythical axe. In game, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests does not exsist.
  • The Great Wall intersects with Shang Simla. In the real world there is no city that directly intersect The Great Wall.
  • There is no cave/tomb that has the head of a dragon in the real world.


Shang Simla Overview.jpg

Residential lots[]

Vacation home lots[]

  • Lotus House
  • Palace in the Clouds
  • Plum Blossom House
  • The Thyme House
  • West Royal House

Townie lots[]

  • Han's Orchard House
  • The Azalea House
  • Chrysanthemum House
  • The Peony Estate

Community lots[]


The Temple of Heaven

See also: Adventure/Shang Simla

Shang Simla contains a variety of tomb lots as well as tomb puzzles on non-tomb lots. This is only a listing of tomb lots, not puzzles or non-tomb lot tombs.




All Sims among these families have the hidden Asian Culture trait. NPCs generated in Shang Simla do not have this trait, instead they have the hidden trait connected to their job (e.g. Pizza Appreciator for Pizza Delivery), and other Sims such as Explorers have no hidden traits at all.

Difficulty: 2
Chen Hong, Shing Hong
Difficulty: 3
Zhang Hua, Lin Hua, Bebe Hua
Difficulty: 3
Ho Sung Kim, Hui Young Kim, Sun Young Kim
Difficulty: 1
Bao Louie
Difficulty: 3
Jiang Lu, Jiannan Lu, Liu Lu, Wang Lu
Difficulty: 2
Biyu Shen, Adaeze Min
Difficulty: 3
Ai Pei, Gao Pei, Liu Pei, Wei Pei
Difficulty: 2
Shen Su, Zhan Su
Difficulty: 2
Deng Wang, Maya Wang
Difficulty: 2
Wu Xio, Sima Zhi, Lu Zhi
Difficulty: 1
Lee Yao
Difficulty: 2
Abi Yat Sen, Liang Yat Sen
Difficulty: 3
Li Yuan, Xi Yuan, Lu Yuan, Ziyi Yuan


Deceased Sims[]


  • There are other Asian elements in Shang Simla other than Chinese:
    • The icon is a Torii gate, which is actually Japanese not Chinese.
    • One of the pre-made families, the Kim family, has a Korean surname.
    • Koi fish can be found in Shang Simla, which are domesicated carp found in Japan.
  • In The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff, there is a fountain called the "Spitting Flower Fountain" which is said to be inspired by the countryside of Shang Simla.
  • In The Sims 4: Movie Hangout Stuff, there is an item called "Lilacs & Lanterns" mentioning Shang Simla, 73 South Shang Simla Hills and Maya Wang. According to the description, Maya Wang was part of Season 4, Episode 1 of Plumbob Pickers. It's unknown whether she played herself, or was portrayed by someone else.
  • Shang Simla is mentioned in The Sims 3: Generations. If a sim makes a prank call, it may be about Shang Simla as the victim of the prank call will say they don't want a free trip to Shang Simla after saying they felt hurt that the caller would think they would fall for it.