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This article is about Simology.

For gender preference mechanics in The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and older versions of The Sims 4, see Gender preference.

A screenshot showing sexual orientation options in Create a Sim in The Sims 4

Sexual orientation is an optional group of settings available in Create a Sim, and through the 'Change Sim' interaction, as of a forthcoming update to The Sims 4[1]. Sexual orientation options allow players to define, change, and customize a Sim's romantic and sexual preferences. When sexual orientation settings are changed, they override the built-in gender preference system that has existed (mostly unchanged) since The Sims 2, where a Sim's gender preference is based on the number of romantic social interactions they have had with Sims of either gender. Sexual orientation options also let players define a Sim's romantic interests as separate from sexual preferences, or to set a Sim to have no romantic or sexual interests at all. These options are available for all Sims aged teen or older in patched versions of the game, and cannot be turned off.


Romantic attraction[]

"This Sim is romantically attracted to:"

This option determines which gender(s) a Sim is attracted to. Sims can be set to be attracted to either males, females, both, or neither. By default, neither option is selected. Sims will reject romantic interactions from Sims who don't match their preferred gender, though this depends on whether the receiving Sim is open to romantic exploration. This setting does not prevent the player from initiating social interactions with other Sims, even if the targeted Sim doesn't match the player Sim's preference.

Romantic exploration[]

"This Sim is exploring romantically:"

The romantic exploration option allows a Sim's sexual and romantic preferences to shift over time in response to romantic social interactions, in the same way that it does in older versions of The Sims 4 and in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. This option is set to 'yes' by default. Setting the option to 'no' allows players to set a Sim's preference firmly, and that Sim will flatly reject romantic interactions from Sims who don't match their preferred gender. If this setting is set to 'no' and the Sim is not romantically attracted to either gender, then they will reject all romantic interactions from Sims of any gender.

WooHoo interest[]

"This Sim is interested in WooHoo with:"

This option determines whether a Sim is willing to engage in WooHoo (or "Mess Around" for teen Sims) with a Sim of a given gender. This option can be set to allow WooHoo with males, females, both, or neither. By default, both options are selected. If a Sim has WooHoo interest for a gender but does not have romantic attraction to that gender (or has no romantic attraction at all), they can ask a Sim of that gender to be "WooHoo partners"; if this interaction is accepted, they will be able to WooHoo even if other romantic social interactions would normally be rejected.

Effect on existing Sims[]

Sims created before the update and Sims created after the update that do not have their orientation set by the player have the following settings by default: they are romantically attracted to neither gender; they are open to romantic exploration; and they have WooHoo interest with both genders. Unless sexual orientation settings are changed by the player, Sims will continue to experience gender preference in the same way they did before the update. Players can change or define a Sim's orientation at any time by entering Create a Sim through the 'Change Sim' interaction on any mirror or dresser.


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