Serenity Falls
Serenity Falls
Lot type Residential
Unfurnished lot value §10,003
Furnished lot value §32,856
Lot size Medium
Number of floors 1
Occupants Dan Hardiman, Kate Hardiman, Buster Hardiman
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1
Neighborhood Whiskerton
Game The Sims 2: Pets (console)

Serenity Falls is a residential lot that only appears in The Sims 2 Pets for PlayStation 2, GameCube and Wii. It is located in the neighborhood Whiskerton near the Paw Valley Waterfall. The residents are Dan Hardiman and his spouse Kate Hardiman, along with their dog Buster Hardiman. The elegant home features an open study and a living room with a fireplace. There's also a small dining area with an open kitchen. There's one bedroom and one bathroom. You can find a trampoline out back with a lovely view of a waterfall.

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