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The ability to have a secondary aspiration was introduced in FreeTime. The player can choose any aspiration for a Sim other than his or her primary aspiration. This includes the Grilled Cheese aspiration, even though it's not available as a primary aspiration. By choosing a secondary aspiration, the player can choose some of its lifetime aspiration benefits, and the Sim will receive Wants and Fears related to that aspiration.

Choosing a Secondary Aspiration[]

By filling their Lifetime Aspiration bar, a Sim gains aspiration benefit points. These points can be used to purchase aspiration benefits by opening the aspiration rewards panel and clicking on the Aspiration Benefits button.

There are four areas in which these can be spent: motives, work, primary aspiration and secondary aspiration.

Secondary aspirations are not available to Toddlers and Children, as a primary aspiration must be chosen first. Selecting a secondary aspiration uses an aspiration benefit point, and the player may choose to not give a Sim a secondary aspiration.

Available Aspirations[]


  • Grilled Cheese is a 'secret' aspiration. The only way to obtain Grilled Cheese as a primary aspiration is by using the ReNuYuSenso Orb and failing, but Grilled Cheese can be selected as the secondary aspiration.
  • Sims with Romance as a secondary aspiration will get a bad memory of going steady, but good memories of getting engaged and married.
  • Sims with Knowledge as a secondary aspiration will want to become witches and werewolves, but roll fears of becoming PlantSims, and will often roll either wants or fears, or both, of being abducted by aliens, or of someone they know being abducted.
  • If a Sim dies of old age while in platinum, there is a possibility that their secondary aspiration symbol will be engraved on their tombstone instead of their primary aspiration.