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Scuba Diving is a skill in The Sims 3: Island Paradise. Sims learn this skill by snorkeling in the ocean. As they advance this skill, they can start scuba diving in diving areas. This skill is augmented for Sims with the Loves to Swim trait.

Skill Description

[Your Sim's name] is ready to begin his/her underwater adventure exploring the deep depths of the ocean floor. '[Your Sim's name] can continue building on this skill by snorkeling or scuba diving.


Sims can go far out in the ocean and snorkel to improve their Scuba Diving skill. Snorkeling or taking Scuba Diving classes is the only way to improve the skill enough to be able to actually dive. Snorkeling may turn up small collectibles such as shells.

Sims can also snorkel in a swimming pool with sufficient space, although they will build the skill faster snorkeling in the ocean. If the pool where the Sim is snorkeling isn't spacious enough, the action will automatically be canceled.

Dive Lots

One of the dive lots available to Sims.

There are 4 diving areas in Isla Paradiso. Each diving area has Scuba Diving skill requirement. One of the diving areas is first available to Sims when they reach the Scuba Diving skill level 2, being Rocky Reef, then level 4 Davy Jones' Locker, level 7 Mermaid Grotto and level 9 Pearl's Deep. Once the Sim boats or swims to above the dive lot, Sims with sufficient Scuba Diving skill can scuba dive underwater. The lots are decorated with many rocks, coral and other objects. There are also gems and fish on the lot that can be caught, underwater caves to explore, and the treasure to discover. Mermaids can also often be seen and socialized with at the various dive lots. Other worlds will not be updated to have diving areas, but advanced players can add them on their own.


While scuba diving, Sims only have a certain amount of air before they must return to the surface. The amount of air the Sim has depends on their Scuba Diving level. The air Sims have left is shown by a moodlet. Once the first moodlet that they got when they started diving expires, they will get a negative moodlet that shows that they are having trouble breathing and should return to the surface, and if this moodlet expires after 2 hours, your sim will show the "Gasping for Air" moodlet. If he/she keeps staying underwater when it has expired, and the Sim is still in the sea, the Sim will die. (Note: this death is NOT "drowning" death). Having the Lungs of Steel lifetime reward allows Sims to dive indefinitely without worrying about oxygen.


  • Hours Spent Snorkeling
  • Hours Spent Diving
  • Shells Collected
  • Message Bottles Collected
  • Times Mauled By Shark
  • Caves Explored
  • Treasure Chests Opened
  • Sea Life Collected


Pearl Diver
Pearl Divers have collected at least 50 shells. Their reputation for collecting reputable finds helps them sell their shells at higher prices.
Underwater Spelunker
Underwater Spelunkers are brave divers who have explored underwater caves at least 15 times. Those many trips in to the dark caverns means the Underwater Spelunker is more likely to find collectables while exploring caves.
Savvy Snorkeler
Savvy Snorklers have spent at least 40 hours snorkeling in water. Their experience scanning the underwater floor for hidden items gives them a higher chance of finding collectables while snorkeling.


Level Diving Time Depressurizing Time Ability
1 120 Minutes



150 Minutws Snorkel
2 180 Minutes 140 Minutes Scuba Dive in Rocky Reef Diving Area
3 210 Minutes 130 Minutes
4 240 Minutes 120 Minutes Scuba Dive in Davy Jones' Locker Diving Area
5 270 Minutes 110 Minutes
6 300 Minutes 100 Minutes Open Treasure Chest at Davy Jones' Locker
7 330 Minutes 90 Minutes Scuba Dive in The Mermaid Grotto Diving Area
8 360 Minutes 80 Minutes Open Treasure Chest at The Mermaid Grotto
9 390 Minutes 70 Minutes Scuba Dive in Pearl's Deep Diving Area
10 420 Minutes 60 Minutes Uncharted Island, Retro Diving Suit for scuba diving

(can be modified using cheats!)

Fish and Shells

During scuba diving in the diving areas your Sim can catch old and new collectables: fish and shells. New fish you can see in fishing page.


Picture Name Description Rarity Value
Scallop Shell.png
Scallop Shell These beautiful scallops make great decorations and mermaid tops. Common §10-15
Cowry Shell.png
Cowry Shell Smooth and round, the cowry shell turns every beach into an egg hunt! Common §20-30
Nautilus Shell.png
Nautilus Shell She sells these shells by the sea shore. Uncommon §85-100
Conch Shell.png
Conch Shell This beautiful conch brings in the sounds of the sea. There's a rumor that there are others that also let you speak to the sea! Uncommon §125-150
Abalone Shell.png
Abalone Shell The abalone has long abandoned its home, but look! It's left a beautifully shiny shell! Uncommon §300-350
Ancient Fish Fossil.png
Ancient Fish Fossil This Dendorsimius Spiniferi was once known for being as delicious as it was deadly. Now it's known for being extinct. Rare §650-700
Clam Shell.png
Clam Shell Did you see that clam blink? You must have just missed it. Oh wait, it blinked again! Nope, you missed it again. Rare §850-1000
Shark Tooth.png
Shark Tooth Congratulations! This is a relic from the most dangerous marine animal in the ocean! Just be careful. You never know when the owner will return to reclaim its lost prize. Extraordinarily Unusual[1] §1500-2000
  1. The Shark Tooth can be acquired by successfully fending off a shark attack.