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"Story mode" redirects here. For story modes in The Sims console games, see Get a Life, Bust Out Mode, and Story mode (The Sims 2 console).

Story mode is an option available in The Sims 2 used to create or view defined storylines for neighborhoods or households. It is located on the user bar on the bottom of the page beneath Build Mode. Screenshot manager, or Screenshot capture manager, is the equivalent of The Sims 2 Story mode addition in The Sims 4. It can be accessed under Camera Controls (the shutter button that's on the right side of the Time Control tool-tip bar).

Clicking the Story mode button will open up the Story Mode Editor, where users can create a "story" about their homes or neighborhood. Pressing "C" on the keyboard will take a snapshot with the game camera, which will be automatically uploaded to the Story Mode Editor. In the Editor, users can add a series of photos together to create a "story". Each photo can then have a description written to it.

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