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Hyde Dynamic Group Science Project
Scientists working on the Group Science Project.

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is a skill introduced in The Sims 3: University Life. Science skill can be increased by reading any of the 3 skill books, by using the Science Research Station or the Group Science Project, by taking classes in the Science building, or by using scientific socials with others.

Having the Science skill will boost job performance in the Science and Medical careers. Sims with enough points in the skill will begin these careers at a higher level when accepting job offers.

Having the Science skill is also helpful when fishing, gardening, and collecting. Items that a scientific Sim acquires in these ways will have a chance to be higher quality. Samples can be gathered by analyzing minerals, plants, fish and insects. These samples can then be researched to gain even more scientific knowledge.

Interactions Edit

The Group Science Project activities are: Study the Red Pad Tie Node, Interface with the Green Mind Melder Module, and Adjust the Blue Magnatomic Pulse Array. These experiments gives sims various moodlets and abilities:

Experiment Color of Beam Moodlet Notes
Picture Name Mood Time
Interface with the Green Mind Melder Module Green Hive Mind! Hive Mind! No Mood Effect 6 Hours Sim gains skills faster
Study the Red Pad Tie Node Red Uninhibited Uninhibited +20 4 Hours Sim wants to streak
Adjust the Blue Magnatomic Pulse Array Blue Power Nap Power Nap +10 2 Hours Everyone nearby knocked out, after 3 hours waking all motives are filled
All three experiments at the same time White Meteor Shower! Meteor Shower! +30 3 Hours On lot is raining moneybags, gems, metals and spacerocks and sometimes magic gnomes. Note that the player doesn't need all three Sims at the same time to activate this. Have one Sim gradually fill a light to one third of the machine and repeat with the other two. This way, the player can achieve this state more easily.

The Science Research Station activities are: Research Science, Gene Splicing Experiment, Horticulture Experiment, Clone from Sample, Research Sample, Herb Experiment, and Radiation Experiment. Experiments may fail or succeed:

Experiment Ingredients Failure Success Epic Success
Gene Splicing Experiment Seed Destroyed or decreased quality Changed from one seed into another seed Transformed into a Forbidden Fruit Seed
Horticulture Experiment Seed or coffee bean or plant Destroyed or decreased quality Increased quality Transformed into a perfect Empanada (food)
Herb Experiment Herbs Destroyed or decreased quality Increased quality Transmute into a Bottle of Super Spice
Radiation Experiment Bugs Destroyed Bug stays alive Transmute into a Plasma Bug
Resulting Item Use
Science Forbidden Fruit Seed
Forbidden Fruit Seed Can grow Forbidden Fruit to become Plantsim
Science Empanada
Empanada Eat
Science Bottle Of Super Spice
Bottle of Super Spice Use this on food to add spice (foods quality increases) or on PlantSims to cure them
Science Plasma Bug
Plasma Bug Very expensive bug (§4,000)


  • Experiments Completed
  • Objects Created
  • Experiment Epic Failures
  • Plants Analyzed
  • Fish Analyzed
  • Insects Analyzed
  • Minerals Analyzed
  • Sims Tested
  • Simoleons Earned from Correlating Scientific Data
  • Simoleons Earned from Selling Scientific Samples


Free Range Scientist
Analyze a total of 100 Plants, Fish, Insects, and Rocks to reduce the cool down time on Correlating Scientific Data.
Experienced Experimentalist
Complete 100 Experiments using the Science Research Station and/or the Group Science Project and receive an International Science Achievement Award Plaque and Cash Prize!


Level Ability Gifts
1 Research Science at the Science Research Station
2 Research and sell Scientific Samples
Scientific Samples:
Fish Sample
Science Sample Fish
Insect Sample
Science Sample Insect
Mineral Sample
Science Sample Mineral
Plant Sample
Science Sample Plant
3 Analyze Minerals (Gems and Metals) Metal and Gem
4 Analyze Plants 2 Herbs
5 Correlate Scientific Data at the nearest Science Building -
6 Analyze Insects 2 Bugs
7 Analyze Fish 2 Fishes
8 Analyze DNA samples from other Sims 2 DNA Samples
Science Sample DNA
9 Clone from Scientific Sample at the Science Research Station -
10 - Group Science Project
Group Science Project

(in household inventory)

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