School Projects are a new creatable item in The Sims 4: Parenthood. Child and Teen Sims can create these, and other Sims aged Child or older can "Assist with Project"; this creates a higher quality item and takes less time to build. All School Projects can be bought in Build Mode for 100 Simoleans.

List of School Projects

  • Medieval Castle Diorama (Recommended for Children)
    • Description: Reconstruct and learn about the daily life of Medieval Sims. Sixam pit beast not included.
    • Statistics: +Creativity Skill, +Painting Skill
  • Air Pressure Rocketry (Recommended for Teens)
    • Description: Propulsion with the simple release of pressure. Do not activate indoors!
    • Statistics: +Mental Skill, +Rocket Science Skill
  • Robotics (Recommended for Teens)
    • Description: Create your own robotic friend. Learn about gears, servos, and power sources in the process.
    • Statistics: +Mental Skill, +Programming Skill
  • Solar System (Recommended for Children)
    • Description: Create a small representation of our very own solar system in your home. Liberties may be taken with scale.
    • Statistics: +Mental Skill, +Rocket Science Skill
  • Construct-a-Bridge (Recommended for Teens)
    • Description: Learn the basics of building a structure to support weight. Go beyond that to create a structure that also looks good on a post card.
    • Statistics: +Mental Skill, +Logic Skill
  • Chemical Reaction Volcano (Recommended for Children)
    • Description: Scale replica of Mt Anfong which routinely erupts making it easy for scientific study. Create your own eruption in the safety of your home while learning chemistry.
    • Statistics: +Mental Skill, +Logic Skill
  • Electricity Experiments (Recommended for Teens)
    • Description: Ohms, Volts, and Amps oh my. A project that will spark your imagination.
    • Statistics: +Mental Skill, +Handiness Skill
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