With The Sims 2: University, players can send Teen Sims to College, where they continue their lives as Young Adults. Playable teens may go to college at any time by using a telephone or computer, or the player may send them by using the "Send Sims to College" button on the neighborhood screen. Before that, the Sim should apply for scholarships, which is also done via a phone or computer. Scholarships are handed out based on different criteria, such as good grades or a high Body skill. Working on any skill will help in college and the workforce anyway, and getting a particular scholarship, or any scholarship, is often a want. All teenagers start with 500 simoleons when going to college and scholarships increase that amount. However, graduated Sims cannot retain the Simoleons they have earned during their college years, except by converting it to items in their inventory.


Name Requirements Award
Hogan Award for Athletics 8 or more Body points §750
Bain-Gordon Communication Fellowship 8 or more Charisma points §750
Kim Metro Prize for Hygienics 8 or more Cleaning points §750
London Culinary Arts Scholarship 8 or more Cooking points §750
Will Wright Genius Grant 8 or more Logic points §750
Bui Engineering Award 8 or more Mechanical points §750
Quigley Visual Arts Grant 8 or more Creativity points §750
Young Entrepreneurs Award Teen job level 3 §750
SimCity Scholar's Grant A- or better at School §1000
Phelps-Wilsonoff Billiards Prize High pool skill §1000
Tsang Footwork Award High dancing skill §1000
Undead Educational Scholarship Teen Sims gain a scholarship for being a Zombie (or Vampire as they are technically Undead) §1500
Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund This scholarship is for teens with no living parents §1500
Extraterrestrial Reparation Grant The teen has been abducted by Aliens §1500

Hard scholarships

There are some scholarships which are hard to get, such as like the Billiard Prize and the Footwork Award.

A Sim can get the Footwork Award by standing in front of the stereo and dancing until the "Bust A Move" option becomes available. If you choose this option you will get the award.

However, the Billiard Prize is not that easy. A Sim will have to play pool many times before qualifying for the award.

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