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In The Sims 2, there are certain scenarios or mini-games within the game. Scenarios have a timer and some sort of scoring system. They can be started in different ways. If the player's Sim passes the scenario, they usually get a positive memory, and may fulfill a want. Opportunities in The Sims 3 are similar to scenarios, but some of them are untimed.

List of ScenariosEdit

Removed ScenariosEdit


The removed grandchild and engagement scenarios files, found in objects.package using SimPE

There are some scenarios that were removed before the game was released. Some of the leftover data can be found in the game files by using SimPE. There are four known removed scenarios, as following:

  • Big Boss
  • Engagement
  • Grandchild
  • Power outage

The files suggest that the Big Boss scenario is nearly identical to the headmaster scenario. In the said scenario, the Sim's boss would be invited to the house for dinner. Sims would need to give a tour of the house and impress the Big Boss to earn points. At the end of the scenario, the Big Boss would evaluate the score and reward the Sim a cash bonus of §750 or penalize their career performance.

There's very little data that can describe what the next two scenarios would do. There are some dialogues in the game files hinting that engagement or having a grandchild would be triggered by answering a phone call from the fiancée or the grandparent. This is as opposed to the actual gameplay where the players are given freedom to decide when to get engaged or have grandchildren.

Dielectric Electrobreeze Windmill

The windmill reward for completing the power outage scenario

In the power outage scenario, the lot would be in a blackout during a storm.[1] The players were required to keep the fun motive of the family members and guests high during the scenario, without being able to use any kind of electric device. Had the player successfully completed the scenario, they will be rewarded a windmill,[2] which would work as an electric generator to supply power in case of another power outage scenario.


  1. Originally, weather elements like rain were going to be included in The Sims 2 base game, but ultimately scrapped.
  2. Dielectric Electrobreeze Windmill, a Maxis "Lost & Found" object at ModTheSims.
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