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Scared Sims 4 Emotion.png
A Scared Child Sim

Scared is an emotion available in The Sims 4, which was added in Patch 107.[1]. It occurs when Sims are frightened by creepy situations or Sims, such as ghosts or vampires. Over 60 tense moodlets across the base game and various content packs have been converted to scared moodlets, where appropriate. This emotion can evolve into terrified.

Interactions and activities[]

Sims will only have a chance to use these interactions and do these activities while scared.


  • Scream Incoherently
  • Ask for Encouragement


  • Hide Under The Covers (bed)
  • Take a Panicked Poop (toilet)

Interactions on scared Sims[]

Sims will only have a chance to use these interactions with a scared Sim.

  • Try to Console


  • This is the first and thus far only emotion to be added to the base game via a patch.
  • "Go Here" is replaced with "Go... Here?"
  • "Sleep" and "Nap" are replaced with "Sleep?" and "Nap?"
  • When trying to sleep while scared, Sims can wake up having nightmares.
  • They will always walk with the panic run.
  • Sims cannot do most activities when scared.
  • Similar to angry Sims, scared Sims can "take a panicked poop".
  • When a Sim in this emotion gets eaten by the Cowplant and is then thrown up, instead of getting an essence of fear from milking the Cowplant, it is the essence of daze.
  • The bladder need drops faster with this emotion.
  • The scared moodlets used to be other emotions, mainly tense.