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Cursed Sarco
Game The Sims 3: World Adventures
Buyability Limited
Object type(s) Special
Size 2 x 3

A sarcophagus is a tomb object featured in The Sims 3: World Adventures. Sims can reconstruct a sarcophagus at a residential lot by collecting 5 pieces of sarcophagus fragments in their personal inventory. Sarcophaguses are commonly found in tombs. Sims can look inside one and may find ancient coins, relics, other treasures, or nothing. They will refuse to look inside if they have high enough "Fear" moodlet. There's a chance that Sims might encounter a mummy inside one, but not all tombs have sarcophagus that contains a mummy.

Sims can sleep and WooHoo inside a sarcophagus. Sims who have Brave, Heavy Sleeper, Daredevil, Insane, or Adventurous trait can sleep inside one in a tomb if their energy is low enough. Mummies who sleep inside a sarcophagus will not wake unless instructed by the player.

If Sims have 5 canopic jars, they can summon a playable mummy and move him / her into the household. The canopic jars don't need to be unique, but all of the jars must be collectible relics, not common ones. The summoned mummy is always an elder.

Types of SarcophagiEdit

There are 4 types of sarcophaguses which Sims can reconstruct from fragments. All of them can also be found in the buyDebug for §1.

Sarcophagus - PlainEdit

This sarcophagus has no decorations and one recolorable channel. It is the most common sarcophagus.


This sarcophagus has a carving on the lid, and four colorable channels. It functions the same as the plain sarcophagus. This type is more commonly found in Al Simhara.

Blessed Sarcophagus of the KingsEdit

This sarcophagus is gold with a hearty-faced carving on the lid. It is not recolorable. Sleeping in this sarcophagus will increase the energy need faster than the plain sarcophaguses. While sleeping, all other needs will freeze.[1] If Sims sleep for 8 hours straight inside the sarcophagus, their age will be extended by 2 days.

A mummy who has slept in the blessed sarcophagus for a long time will eventually turn into a normal Sim.

Cursed Sarcophagus of the KingsEdit

This sarcophagus is black with gold trim, and has a skeletal face carved on the lid. It is not recolorable. Sleeping in this sarcophagus will increase the energy need more slowly than the plain sarcophaguses. While sleeping, all other needs will freeze,[1] and Sims will also slowly gain Athletic skill.

Sims who have "Mummy's Curse" moodlet or have slept in the cursed sarcophagus for a long time will turn into a mummy. Other occults cannot turn into a mummy, but different consequences will affect them. One of the Sim's traits (Good if they have it) will be replaced with Evil trait. If they have the Evil trait, it will be replaced with Good trait, however.

Pregnant Sims, mummies, and genies are unaffected by the cursed effects.

Tomb OptionsEdit

All four types of the sarcophagi have tomb interactions. Tomb interactions can be unlocked by using testingcheatsenabled cheat and Ctrl+Shift clicking the sarcophagi while in the Buy mode or Build mode. They all have the regular tomb interactions. The players can also set whether the sarcophagus will spawn a mummy or not, definitely or by chance.



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