"Sarah never thought there were more to life than garbage cans and midnight howling until she met Danny. After living on the streets for so long, it will be nice to have a roof over their heads every night" ~Pet Bio

Sarah is a large female dog who is in the Crittur Family, which appeared in the Pets expansion pack of The Sims 2 with her mate, Danny Crittur. Her memories just include meeting Danny.

Sarah appears to be a completely white dog with a long tail. She wears no collar. At the start of the game she is expecting a litter of puppies.

Her learned commands include Speak. Her personality consists of a middle alignment between Genius-Doofus and Aggressive-Cowardly while being Hyper, Aggressive and Pigpen

Note: As Danny and Sarah appear in the family bin by themselves, with only 200 Simoleans, they must be merged into another household to be played unless a cheat is involved.

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