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San Sequoia
San Sequoia
World · Featured in: The Sims 4: Growing Together
San Sequoia
San Sequoia Map
Name San Sequoia
Game TS4 EP13 Growing Together Icon The Sims 4: Growing Together
Housed residents 14
Family bin Sims 1
San Sequoia Icon

San Sequoia is a world that was included in The Sims 4: Growing Together expansion pack. It's a large city-like world split across 2 river banks with a large bridge connecting them. It features a small downtown area with many open spaces for biking. It was the first world to include the Recreation Center lot type.


San Sequoia began as a small fishing town, then became a hub of the fishing and canning industry due to the influence of local fisherman-turned-entrepreneur, Bayani Robles. The Robles family is still very much entrenched in the area even as it has expanded over time thanks to Gilbert Gilberts. Today, San Sequoia is home to cozy streets, a beautiful park with gardens, and quiet suburban neighborhoods. It's the perfect place to raise a family!


Park Paradise

San Sequoia Park Paradise

Stomp around at Whalebert's splash pad play area, fish and swim in a pond, or go for a walk on any of our Gilbert Gardens' three walking paths surrounding Celebration Lake.

Wharf Wonders

San Sequoia Wharf Wonders

The heart of San Sequoia can be found at Anchorpoint Wharf, where the area's fishing industry history is still visible in the architecture.

Family Friendly

San Sequoia Family Friendly

Bring the whole family along to enjoy a movie at the wharf or a bit of a nosh at the Around the World in 80 Bites food cart. There's plenty for all ages to see and explore!


San Sequoia consists of three neighborhoods[1] with four lots each.

Anchorpoint Wharf Icon Anchorpoint Wharf
Gilbert Gardens Icon Gilbert Gardens
Hopewell Hills Icon Hopewell Hills


There are a total of 9 residential lots, 1 rental lot, and 2 community lots in San Sequoia.

Residential Lots[]



Empty Lots[]

Vacation Rental Lots[]

Community Lots[]


New families[]


The Michaelson family
Celeste Michaelson, Christopher Michaelson, Atlas Michaelson, Orion Michaelson
Celeste and Christopher met working at the same startup. They couldn't believe how much they had in common when they first went out for coffee together! After they got married, they adopted Atlas and promptly began spoiling him rotten. Now they've also adopted Orion and are hard at work raising two kids to be just as nerdy as they are.
The Robles family
Ignacio Robles, Bernice Robles, Ian Robles, Aurelio Robles
The Robles family is pretty entrenched in this community - they've been here ever since the fishing trade started taking off, and for years had a thriving family business. Ignacio's the patriarch of this family, but just because they have deep roots doesn't make them all that conventional. They know everyone and anyone, and love being a part of everything this community has to offer - from spending way too much of their free time down by the waterfront to organizing big family gatherings at Gilbert Gardens park.
The Robles-Ruano family
Jay Robles, Doli Ruano, Tala Ruano
The Robles-Ruano Family is a bit on the unconventional side, but being conventional is soooo boring, right? These folks are all about expressing themselves and their personality no matter what. Both parents are hoping that their unique ways will rub off on their slightly clingy daughter, Tala. With a little love, Tala is sure to grow into a confident (and creative!) kid.
The Luna-Sullivan family
Xochitl Luna, Karmine Luna, Eleanor Sullivan
The Luna-Sullivan family's a little unusual; Karmine's dad died in a tragic cooking accident, and her mom needed help... So Gramma Eleanor moved in to be the Gramma-in-charge-ish. Except Gramma's just as silly as Karmine is!


Kyleson Household
Kyle Kyleson
Kyle's just, like, a guy, okay?


  • There are some really nice walking paths up in Gilbert Gardens; look for the signs and you'll be able to powerwalk around out there. Just keep an eye out for Whiteclaw the alligator!
  • They keep the splash pad turned on even when it's cold or rainy, so maybe think twice before taking the kids there on a cold day.
  • That movie theater out on Anchorpoint Wharf has a massive selection. It seems like there's always a movie playing that'll suit your favorite genre!*
  • You know that clown painting over at the Recreation Center? Pretty sure it's haunted. No, not pretty sure. DEFINITELY sure!
  • Why do you think they call that neighborhood "Hopewell Hills" anyway? Sounds eerily upbeat. There's a really old tree stump out there—Ol' Stumpy. You should pay Stumpy a visit.


With Seasons installed, it does not snow during winter in San Sequoia. Most of the time, it is warm and heatwaves are quite common during summer.