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Russo family
Russo family (Monte Vista).png
Whatever it is, Sebastiana hates it. Cookies from small children? Gross! Sweet smelling roses? Ugly! Visitors? Never! Sebastiana has no friends, has no family and that's the way she likes it.
Name Russo family
Members Sebastiana Russo
Number of generations 1 generation
Lot 3 Via Veronaville
Funds §10,000
Difficulty level 1 of 6
Other information
Game TS3MV Icon.png The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
World Monte Vista
Russo family
Russo family (Oasis Landing).png
Nervous about granddaughter Serena living into the big city, Maria moved in to help. Can she adjust to newfangled technology?
Name Russo family
Members Maria Russo, Serena Russo, BitBot
Number of generations 2 generations
Lot 1218 Serenity Drive
Funds §50,000
Difficulty level 2 of 6
Other information
Game TS3ITF Icon.png The Sims 3: Into the Future
Playability Unplayable
World Oasis Landing

The Russo family is a pre-made family first introduced in Monte Vista, consisting of Sebastiana Russo. The family returned in Oasis Landing, consisting of Maria Russo, her granddaughter Serena Russo, and plumbot BitBot.

The family from Oasis Landing could be distant relatives of Sebastiana. While they share similar facial features (green eyes and tan skin) and heritage, Sebastiana's biography implies that she has no friends and no family. This is up to the player's speculation that she might have a distant relative at some point of her life.

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Oasis Landing[edit | edit source]

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