The Romance aspiration is one of the five aspirations for a Sim that comes with the base game. Romance Sims want to have as many lovers as possible, and they always want more! Romance Sims enjoy meeting new lovers, making out with as many Sims as possible, and WooHooing.

Premade Sims With Aspiration

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Game Boy Advance

In The Sims 2 GBA, Romance is one of the 3 available aspirations. The player can gain extra points for each romance conversation that occurs in an episode for the first 5 conversations.

Meter Levels

Level Teen Adult Elder
Platinum Major Heart-Throb Don Juan/ Femme Fatale
Gold Total Babe Love Machine Silver Fox
High Green Hottie Lusty Lover Sexy Senior
Low Green Hormonal Hurricane Hopeless Romantic Old Flame
Low Red Wallflower Cold Fish Dirty Old Man/Woman
High Red Lonely Loser Total Turn-Off Burned Out Cinder

Wants & Fears


  • Have very first kiss
  • Meet someone new
  • Go on a date (Nightlife)
  • Makeout with Sim
  • Flirt with Sim
  • Kiss Sim
  • Woohoo with Sim
  • Have very first woohoo (teenagers excluded)
  • Woohoo in ...
  • Woohoo with # of Sims
  • Makeout with # of Sims
  • Fall in love with Sim
  • Have an affair


  • Get Caught Cheating
  • Get Engaged/Married/Go Steady
  • Have a baby

Lifetime Wants

Base Game

  • Become Celebrity Chef
  • Become Hall of Famer
  • Become Professional Party Guest
  • Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
  • Woohoo with 20 different Sims
  • Makeout with 20 different Sims


  • Become Rock God

Aspiration Desperation

  • When a Sim reaches aspiration desperation it pulls out a mop with an attached plate that has a face painted on it and dances with it.

Freetime Aspiration Benefits

Level 1 - Massive Attraction
Level 2 - Slower Motive Decay
Level 3 - Local Legend
Level 4 - Smooth Talk


  • Culinary
  • Athletic
  • Slacker
  • Music

Tips & Tricks

  • If you want a Romance Sim to marry and not have their aspiration bar fall low, make their secondary aspiration family. You need The Sims 2: Freetime to get a secondary aspiration.
  • Romance Sims may not be so rejectful of marriage if it is to a rich sim. This had happened with an apartment roomie who married my sim and was happy because my sim was rich. You may also trigger this by making money their secondary aspiriation.
  • It is never recommended--unless, of course, you want a challenge or some ugly marital drama--to marry a Romance Sim with a Family Sim, as their wants will clash. Family Sims want to get engaged and married, while Romance Sims normally fear engagement and marriage; as a result, an engagement/marriage between Romance and Family Sims will often greatly boost a Family Sim's aspiration while severely lowering the Romance Sim's. The Family Sim will want to have children and raise them carefully, and Romance Sims will wish to WooHoo, go on dates and find other lovers all the time.
  • For these reasons, if you're looking to have a stable family, it's generally considered a poor strategy to have a Romance Sim marry, since in order to keep their aspiration score high, they will effectively be required to cheat on their spouse.
  • When a Romance Sim falls in love with another Sim, they immediately gain a want to have multiple loves at once.

Player Stories

  • Never, EVER make a Sim with the Romance Aspiration if you want them to have a family. I learned that the hard way, thinking that because the Sim would be romantic, it would want to fall in love, get married, have children, etc. When I had it do all of those things, though, its aspiration meter dropped so low it would conk out. After a while, it started to get kind of funny, actually. Ha!


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