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Roderick Synapse
Roderick Synapse
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
This gentleman is living the good life in a place where being himself is all there is!
Education and employment
Career Science career icon Fertilizer Analyst
Family/Families Synapse family
Parents Unknown
Marital status Single
Household Synapse household
Roommates Sarah Holden
Traits Trait Insane small Insane
Trait Handy small Handy
Trait Genius small Genius
Trait Kleptomaniac small Kleptomaniac
Trait Evil small Evil
Zodiac sign ScorpioLN Scorpio
Lifetime wish LTW The Emperor of Evil The Emperor of Evil
Favorites Fav Latin Latin
Fav Vegetarian Lobster Thermidor Vegetarian Lobster Thermidor
Fav White White
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3 Black
Eye color Eye-brown Dark Brown
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Pale
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game TS3MH Icon The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
World Midnight Hollow

Roderick Synapse is a pre-made Sim from Midnight Hollow. He is the kidnapper of Sarah Holden, keeping her reclusive. This fact, his personality and general appearance make him a spoof of Dr. Finkelstein, from The Nightmare Before Christmas. However, unlike the character in the movie, he did not create Sarah.

Roderick is said to dislike love. However, he wanted to figure out how it worked, so he decided to kidnap the sweetest girl in the town, Sarah. "For Science", he says.

Despite being employed in the science career as a Fertilizer Analyst, Roderick wants to become the Emperor of Evil. In order to have his lifetime wish fulfilled, he will have to join the criminal career track. This fact and his evil trait could also be a hint to his true intent behind using Sarah as a test subject. In fact, according to his family biography, he actually wants to dissect Sarah's brain.

He is acquainted with his boss; dislikes Sarah Holden, and is enemies with Sarah's romantic interest and toy collector, Jack Limb, spoof of Jack Skellington.

He has 8 points in gardening, one more point than required for his job, and 1 in the handiness skills, needing 3 more points for his job.


Image Skill Level
Gardening skill iconGardening08
Handiness skill iconHandiness01

Image Name Relationship level
Sarah Holden Sarah Holden Disliked
Jack Limb Jack Limb Enemy

Image Item Value
Book General Fantasy Unicorns for Audrey §210
Book General Egypt2 The Price of Treasure §200


  • Roderick could also be a spoof of Barkis Bittern, from Corpse Bride, as they are both evil kidnappers.
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