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Space Exploration

A Sim boarding a rocket ship.

Rocket Science is a skill in The Sims 4. It represents a Sim's ability to build and upgrade Rocket Ships, as well as perform better in space exploration. It can be raised through building and upgrading rockets, reading skill books and exploring space. The skill is tied with the Astronaut career track. Raising it to the max level provides the achievement: "It's Not Brain Surgery".


When in space, various missions that are similar to chance cards from The Sims 2 and 3 will appear, and depending on choices you make and upgrades you own on your rocket you will get good outcomes, like getting collectible aliens, positive moodlets, or bad outcomes, like crashing your ship or getting negative moodlets!

There is no particular Aspiration for those that seek Rocket Science, but Curator can improve the chance of getting rare consumables.

Traits than can help are, as follows:

  • Genius: It awards a random Focused moodlet, which is helpful towards the Rocket Science skill.
  • Loves the Outdoors: Since most of the Rocket Science skill is gained outside, it can bring a hefty boost to your Focused with a +2 Happy moodlet.


Rocket Science Skill
Level Interactions Unlocked Notes
1 Build Rockets, Upgrade Landing Stabilizers, Explore Space Perform one of the interactions to unlock the stat tracking. Landing Stabilizers allow your Sim to have less chance of crashing.
2 Build and Upgrade Faster -----
3 Expand Fuel Storage Tanks They unlock new dilemmas to perform while in space, and new collectibles.
4 Build and Upgrade Faster -----
5 Improve Maneuvering Thrusters Even more dilemmas unlock, along with new collectibles. Unlocks different outcomes for other dilemmas.
6 Expand Cargo Bay It unlocks the ability to bring more cargo with you from space, allowing to bring more valuables back.
7 Install Cannon Defense Systems, Build and Upgrade Faster Cannon Defense Systems influences a lot of outcomes from Space Exploration, and is a very useful upgrade.
8 Build and Upgrade Faster -----
9 Install Automated Landing Computer Installing a Landing Computer nearly reduces to 0 your risk to crash, even after a bad scenario outcome.
10 Be a Master Rocket Scientist New, rare dilemmas, appear.


You can collect 4 different kinds of Space Rocks and 10 aliens (5 Live, 5 Dead specimens)

Space Exploration Collectibles
Name Type Rarity Value Aura
Common Space Rock Space Rock Common 95 Environnement: 3
Uncommon Space Rock Space Rock Uncommon 145 Environnement: 3
Large Space Rock Space Rock Uncommon 200 Environnement: 3
Unnaturally Large Space Rock Space Rock Rare 275 Environnement: 5
Dead Red Coral Dead Alien Common 150 Confident: 3
Dead Space Porcupine Dead Alien Common 150 Confident: 3
Dead Pink Whale Dead Alien Common 150 Confident: 3
Dead Blue Slug Dead Alien Common 150 Confident: 3
Dead Space Squid Dead Alien Uncommon 150 Confident: 3
Live Space Porcupine Live Specimen Common 165 Environnement: 3
Live Pink Whale Live Specimen Uncommon 165 Environnement: 3
Live Red Coral Live Specimen Uncommon 165 Environnement: 3
Live Blue Slug Live Specimen Rare 165 Environnement: 3
Live Space Squid Live Specimen Rare 165 Environnement: 3
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