'Along the banks of the Simomon River lies the sleepy town of Riverview. Many have moved to this serene little town to escape the clamor of city life. Will the current residents let the newcomers in on the town’s little secrets or will they do their best to keep their dirt from being unearthed?'
Name Riverview
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Riverview is a free downloadable town offered from The Sims 3 store. The town was developed by Visceral Games. The town is a gift for people who register their copy of The Sims 3. It is the first downloadable town, Barnacle Bay being the second. Currently, it is the only free downloadable town. The town initially served as an incentive for players to purchase, rather than pirate, their copy of The Sims 3, as pirated versions are unable to download Riverview from

Like Sunset Valley, Riverview is very large compared to previous games, although it is a 'small town with an idyllic countryside setting. It’s dotted with farms, beautiful pastures and nestled by a winding river', known, according the world's flavour text, as the Simomon (possibly a play on the word 'cinnamon' but more likely a homage to the real-life Cimarron River). There are 95 lots altogether, three fewer than in Sunset Valley. The centre of town is built up on an island in the middle of the Simomon. The name of the island is unknown, but the name of the road on which Constance Shelley and Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes live (Long Island Drive), the name is possibly Long Island. On one of the shores of the river, there is an industrial area featuring several rabbit holes. The landscape is primarily flat, with one notable hill upon which stands Remington's Ruse, the Remington family home.

The architectural style is primarily small town rustic, with a few industrial-style lots in the industrial area that contains the military base, hospital, and abandoned warehouse. Despite the small town style, there is a lot of diversity in the townscape, with farms, poor and wealthy subdivisions, and forested terrain.

'This sleepy little town comes with an entirely new set of inhabitants with secrets for your Sims to uncover', there are 50 new playable Sims in total. There are 22 empty residential lots for players to get started on, or they can choose any of the premade families. The cheapest of the lots is §1200, and the most expensive is §14,700. The smallest available lot is 20x30, and the largest is 64x64. The most expensive lot will put players in the company of Lessen, Shallows, Wilson, and Grisbys.

There are a few old faces from The Sims 2 in Riverview, just as in Sunset Valley.


Residential lots

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Community lots

Lot o Riverview

Riverview centre.

Rabbit holes are not listed


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New Families

The Bagley family business is just a wee bit on the wild side. Rhoda is following in her mother's footsteps, but Sherman seems to want a different path to travel.

Hal is quite the man about town. He's a love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy. Is there anyone in Riverview who can capture his heart?

Lorraine has always been committed to public service. Will she be able to meet and greet enough for the Riverview community to be elected mayor?

Hope and Buzz have lived happily together for what seems like forever. They've worked hard to make an honest living and instill good morals in their daughter, if only she would come and visit every once in awhile.

Following in her mother's footsteps, Meadow has taken the caring of plants to a whole new level. Will she ever find room in her heart to let the seeds of love take root?

Billy was thrilled when he found the acclaimed artist, Hank Ferdinand, living in Riverview. Hank was more than willing to mentor Billy, before he recently disappeared. But did Billy actually learn anything?

It's never been clear why the Crosbys married because they are so different in so many ways. Will Riverview be a place in which they can find a way to be happy? Or will they go their separate ways?

Some people just do not play well with others. Hunter Cottoneye is one of them. He's fine with that. He would just as soon start a fight with you as he would shake your hand.

After his mother's tragic death, George Dean devoted his life to helping others. He lives in an abandoned firehouse to remind him of his dream of being the guy who can save the day.

When Bennie Dean's wife died he couldn't adjust to living alone, so he asked his good friends Henry and Melvin to move in and share expenses. But are they too old and set in their ways to get along?

Walter and Yvette know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They love each other for who they truly are. Will their daughter find someone who can see her inner beauty as well?

Grandma Kaminski and her family have been wandering around for years. When her daughter married Yuri Ivanov and had two children, she suggested they try to find a place to settle down. Will Riverview keep their interest for long?

When the Jones family inherited the Remington Estate from Hannah's cousins, they imagined enjoying the beautiful vista and the quaint little town. They didn't imagine that they would be seeing specters! Can they find a way to restore the restless ghosts?

Norman Joy and his wife wanted their daughter to grow up on home grown food and family values. When his wife died, Norman did his best to provide for Elaine. Will she follow her parent's dreams or break away and make a life of her own?

Jon Lessen worried that his guitar playing just wouldn't be as good after his mentor, Destry Dixon, died. To make amends for the time he didn't give the old man during life, he moved Destry's remains into his guest house. Will he be able to keep Destry's music alive?

Roxie Lin is a wild child and her sister, Shirley, is just the opposite. They only thing they have in common is stubbornness. When they moved into their parents' old house, they couldn't decide on the decor so they divided it up and defied traditional interior design.

The Lobos family needed a fresh start. Will Riverview be the place they can create the solid family life that they want for their twins?

The McDermotts have a way with plants. They've been growing their own food for generations, but they do try to keep up with the times. Their two young sons spend hours at the river catching fish. Will they carry on the family traditions?

It isn't love that keeps the Shallow family living under one roof. They don't even like each other. So what is it that holds this family together?

Constance Shelley loves books. She's really not interested in a social life or romance, and she hopes Riverview is a place where she can find some tranquility.

The Spenster sisters do not suffer the company of fools. They were raised to take care of themselves and they've done very well, thank you. But there are some interesting new neighbors in town. Will they welcome them with open arms?

Life has never been easy for Lucky, but he has always found a way to get by (sometimes he found it in other people's homes). Will he lose his luck now that he's found a little place to call his own?

County Care General Hospital recruited Jebidiah Wilson and he was happy to join the community. If only he would take some time away from work to meet the people in town he might find a friend or two.

Returning Families

Although not in any previous games, Riverview does feature several families that are implied to have moved to Pleasantview by the time of The Sims or The Sims 2.

When Flo and Flat met in high school, sparks flew. Life has never been easy but as long as they are together they find a way to have fun. When Flat's brother Buck showed up with two kids and no wife, they just invited him to move in. The more the merrier.

Don woke up one morning in a whole new world. He remembers stepping on to a teleporter, several women laughing, then nothing until he found himself here...

They may be new in town, but they feel like they've found the place they were destined to live. Will their son stay and make his life in Riverview? Or will he find somewhere more...pleasant?

In an attempt to recapture her own lost youth, Fatima has been grooming her daughter Betty to pursue a career in music. Vadim loves them both but tries not to interfere. He prefers to just tune out to the TV.

Townies and NPCs

Deceased Sims

This is a list of premade sims that are deceased in Riverview:


  • In some empty houses on Cypress Lane, there is a Sloppy Jalopy in the garage.
  • The "Mine Monster" can be viewed on the southeast side of the map.





Sims from Riverview

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