Riverblossom Hills
Riverblossom Hills

Riverblossom Hills is the pre-made neighborhood that is added to the game with the addition of The Sims 2: Seasons. Many of the lots have to do with concepts and additions from The Sims 2: Seasons, such as many of the more expensive lots have greenhouses.



This family seems to be based off of Pleasantview]]'s Goth Family, consisting of Morty Roth, his wife Stella, and their children Sandra and Xander.


This house consists of roommates Patricia Wan and Cleo Shikibu

Greenman Family

The family consists of Jason Greenman, his wife (PlantSim Rose Greenman) and their daughter, Daisy

O'Mackey Family

Alexandra O'Mackey (found in the family bin) left her husband Gabe and daughter Jules to become a Dread Pirate.

Viejo Family

This household belongs to Catherine Viejo, her best friend Betty Goldstein, and roommates Andrew Martin and his son Jacob


Farmer Leod McGreggor lives almost completely alone: no family and almost no friends.

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