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*[[Aurelai Riley]]
*[[Aurelai Riley]]
*[[Paul Kupyi]]
*[[Paul Kupyi]]
*[[Cecilia Kupyi]]
*[[Cecelia Kupyi]]
*[[Steve Caer]]
*[[Steve Caer]]
*[[Maeve Caer]]
*[[Maeve Caer]]

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Riley Family Cook-Out
When Timothy Riley moved to Belladonna Cove he wanted to start a new life and make a solid future for his daughter. Then, he met Vivian Cho and now he hopes they can join forces. He thinks Sally would enjoy having a little sister.
Other Information
Neighborhood [[Belladonna Cove]]

[[Category:Belladonna Cove families]]

The Riley Family is one of the premade families in Belladonna Cove that came with the Apartment Life expansion pack. The family includes single father Timothy Riley and his daughter Sally Riley who is a child. He seems to have romantic feelings for his downstairs neighbor Vivian Cho.

Family tree

Donovan -m- Aurelai  Paul -m- Cecelia   Steve -m- Maeve  Charlie -m- Christine
         |                 |                   |                  |
       Seamus -----m----- Lucia            Sullivan -----m----- Tazanna
                   |                                     |
                Timothy ---------------m-------------- Olivia



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