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A Sim restocking the shelf

Restocking is one of the Talent Badges introduced in The Sims 2: Open for Business, and is essential in business. There are two ways a shop can be restocked. The first is to go into Buy mode and delete the sold out signs, then replace them with new stock and mark that stock for sale. The other is to have a Sim restock the shelves. Catalog items that are restocked are automatically bought at wholesale, and any wholesale business perks the owner has are applied, even if the owner is not doing the restocking.

As Sims restock shelves, they earn a talent badge in restocking, and if an employee is doing it, the player can focus on other things. As a Sim gains badge levels in restocking, he or she can perform the task quicker and more efficiently. A Sim with a Gold badge can manage it much more quickly than one with no badge.

If The Sims 2: Seasons is installed, Sims will also gain points towards this talent badge if they "Stock" their personal fridge with homegrown vegetables. Not only will it improve the quality of your Sim's meals, but the used Sim will gain valuable points to their "Restocking" Badge score if they lack a community or home-owned business.

Having a high Body skill is supposed help a Sim gain Restocking talent badge faster, but the code doesn't check the skill so it has no effect. A mod from Simbology resolves this issue.


No BadgesEdit

Sims take a very long time to restock an item.


Restocking bronze

Sims take a bit shorter time to restock an item.


Restocking silver

Sims take an even shorter time to restock an item.


Restocking gold

Sims take a very short time to restock an item.


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