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Restaurant Critic

A restaurant critic, Kobe Forte, is separate from other customers because of the white ribbon under his rating star.

A restaurant critic is an NPC Sim that is introduced in The Sims 4: Dine Out. The restaurant critic enters a restaurant every so often at any star rating level. Restaurant critics will behave like any normal customer, however, their review on their experience at the restaurant can impact the restaurants ratings greatly.

Restaurant critics can look like any normal Sim, however, they are easily identifiable as restaurant critics will have a white ribbon under their rating star.

Getting a good reviewEdit

Getting a good review is vital for the restaurant to work as it helps bring in more customers. There are many ways to impress the restaurant critic such as making the owner interact with them as any customer will feel special after the owner speaks to them, making sure the restaurant critic's surroundings and mood is good will help them feel good in the restaurant. Owners can select "Prioritise Table" on the restaurant critic's table in which will make the waiters and chef work faster to deliver whatever order the Sim on the table wants.

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