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For non-permanent residential rentals, see Vacation rental.

Residential Rental
TS4 Residential Rental Icon
Lot with rentable units

Residential Rentals are lot assignments introduced in The Sims 4: For Rent. It is a regular residential lot that can have rooms and floors to be rented out for tenants, with this Players can create their own apartments. Residential rentals can be placed on any lots except waterfront lots in Sulani, penthouses in San Myshuno, and vacation worlds as well as hidden lots.

Creating a Unit[]

When selecting a room on a residential rental lot in build mode, under the room controls is a drop down menu for designating a room as a shared room, a specific unit's room if created, or created as a new unit. Players can make 2 and up to 6 units of rentable apartments. Each unit has a drop down panel in unit configuration showcasing individual details such as unit value, dimensions, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as if it is a home unit. Lot traits can be given to individual units rather than the whole lot.

The 6 unit cap can be extended with bb.increaserentalunitcap on. There is, however, a hard limit of 99 units per save across worlds.

Units don't have to be connected to other units or shared spaces, thus allowing for not just apartment complexes to be made but also townhouses, duplexes, or renting out a suite or floor.

Tenant Agreement[]

Tenant Agreement

Within tenant agreements, players are able to manage the individual unit's rent fee, length of the leases, unit ratings as well as categories, set bans, and see the tenants occupying the unit. Property owners living in a home unit will not have these options.

Unit Ratings[]

Unit Ratings are governed by four categories:

  • Size
  • Amenity
  • Environment
  • Maintenence

Unit Rules[]

Tenants can abide by unit rules set in the agreement. If tenants violate one or more rules they will get fined if enabled. The rules set can be:

  • No Social Events
  • No Loud Noises
  • Maximum Capacity
  • No Trash Overload
  • No Pets[TS4:C&D]
  • No Ghosts

Tenant Applications[]

Residential Rental Vacancy Panels

In this section, players can see the list of potential tenants who are interested in the unit. The first section reinforms the unit rating, unit rules, as well as the beds & baths and the rent per day set.

Below is a scrollable list of potential tenants listing their family name, their ages, their pets, how many beds they're looking for, as well as the rent cap they will pay up to. Players can determine which tenants they wish to rent out the unit to and switch back to the previous panel to change the rent either lower or higher depending on which tenants they want, as if the rent is too high, the tenant will not live there.


Living in a residential rental, Sims can come across many problems that can lower the unit rating.

Maintenance Troubles[]

The maintenance troubles lot challenge is automatically added to all residential rentals and is unremovable. This challenge makes periodic events where an issue such as electrical failure, pool algae, cursed books, etc. pop up on the lot and must be taken care of or else the unit's rating can drop.

Tenant Revolt[]

Once a unit rating goes low enough for too long. Tenant NPCs can start a revolt where everyone living in the lot will walk out the door and protest, playable Sims can also organize their own tenant revolt and both situations the landlord must provide a deal with the tenants on solving their problems. This works both ways for playable Sims as a tenant or as a landlord.

Premade Tenants[]

Main article: Tenant Sims

When as a property manager choosing a tenant, there are number of pre-made tenants that will sometimes be viable for adding into a residential rental's unit depending on the rules and rent. They will also not spawn into the world until they have been added to a unit.