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The Sims 4: Discover University

Research & debate
Two Sims debating at each other.

Skill TS4 Research & Debate.png

Research & debate is a skill in The Sims 4: Discover University. Practicing this skill allows Sims to become better at studying, debating, and influencing other Sims' opinions.


Research & Debate is all about learning information and then utilizing it-whether that be in a debate or through social influence. This skill can be improved and used with the Research Archive Machine to Research varying topics, and the mirror to Practice Debating.


This skill affects the "Convince to..." social interactions. Sims can attempt to convince others to bathe and cook. Options such as convincing others to go streaking or cleaning become available to Sims with higher levels of research & debate.

A failed "Convince to..." interaction will result in a negative moodlet.

Level unlocks[]

Level Ability
1 Can use the research machine to research some limited topics and can use a mirror to practice debating
2 Read books faster and debate with other Sims at the debate podium
3 Complete homework faster, prepare for Debate on the research machine and convince other Sims to bathe or do a keg stand
4 Greater study progress while studying and more researchable topics on the research machine
5 Can convince other Sims to do homework for them and cook
6 Can complete presentations and term papers faster and can contribute Knowledge on research machines for simoleons
7 Can convince other Sims to clean and can can convince roommates to stay if they were thinking of leaving the house
8 Can write and publish research papers on the computer and gain skills faster from reading books
9 Can convince other Sims to go streaking and can convince their boss to give them a bonus on the phone
10 Can have professional debates or commentaries at a debate podium for simoleons (and fame if The Sims 4: Get Famous is installed)
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