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Register (talent badge)
Cash Register (The Sims 2).jpg
A cashier is a vital component for any business

Not to be confused with Cash register.

Register is a talent badge in The Sims 2: Open for Business.

If a business owner wants his or her customers to actually be able to make purchases, he or she will need a cash register and a Sim to stand behind it. Obviously no Sim can use a cash register well without some experience, and that's why a talent badge can be earned. This badge can be earned faster if the Sim in question has a high Logic skill. The speed with which a Sim can complete a transaction increases as the Sim becomes more adept. This is good, as customers do not like to wait for a slow cashier. In fact, some Sims may lose their tempers and leave the shop, causing the business owner to lose the money from that sale, and possibly lose a customer loyalty star.


No badge[]

Sims with no badge will have a hard time using the cash register, and handling a customer will take a long time.


Register bronze.png

Sims take slightly less time to use the register.


Register silver.png

Sims take even less time to use the register.


Register gold.png

Sims use the register easily and quickly, much as the NPC cashiers use the register on unowned community lots.