Game The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, The Sims 4
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §600-§2950[The Sims]
§900-§2500[The Urbz]
§350-§1800[The Sims 2]
§375-§3000[The Sims 3]
§375-§14000[The Sims 4]
§500-§1500[The Sims 2 console]
Object type(s) Skills, Needs
Size 1x1

In The Sims series, a refrigerator is an appliance Sims can take food from. Beginning with The Sims 2: Seasons, Sims can also store leftover food in refrigerators to eat later.

The Sims[edit | edit source]

Refrigerators in The Sims
TS1 Fridges.png
Game The Sims
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §600-§2950
Object type(s) Appliance

In The Sims, the household loses an amount of money each time a Sim takes food from their refrigerator, but refrigerators are always full unless the household has no more money left to buy the food they want. The quality of the refrigerator affects how satisfying a meal is; more expensive refrigerators will produce more satisfying meals.

If a Sim tries to open the fridge without any money, a sad trombone jingle will play, and the following message will appear: "Stomach growling? No §§, no food in the fridge. Get some money and the refrigerator will miraculously refill and your sims can stuff their faces."

Object name Price Description Game
Llamark Refrigerator
Llamark Refrigerator.jpg

The Llamark cools perishables at temperatures ranging from "Medium" to "Coolest". Patented gas technology produces only minimal carbon monoxide emissions. Comes with shelves, drawers, door and a little inside light that goes on and off.

Hunger: 6
The Sims Icon.png
Porcina Refrigerator Model P1g-S
Porcina Refrigerator.jpg

State of the art cooling technology and standard aesthetics meet head on in the Porcina P1g-S. Ample door and freezer spaces eliminate bottlenecks in the fridge-to-mouth food pipeline. Flip & Glide SpillNot shelves. Backup compressor. Deli drawer. Egg couch. Meat hanger. Feed trough. No longer available in Avocado, Chocolate or Harvest Gold.

Hunger: 7

The Porcina Refrigerator Model P1g-S appears to be a variant of the Llamark Refrigerator.

The Sims Icon.png
Freeze Secret Refrigerator
Freeze Secret Refrigerator.jpg

The brainchild of reclusive Shiny Things Inc. founder Malcolm Landgraab, the Freeze Secret exploits experimental cryogenic technology. Utilizing a combination of liquid sulfur dioxide and argon in a low gravity vacuum, perishables are kept fresh for generations. High impact stainless steel and modern design make this the veritable ice queen of refrigeration.

Hunger: 8
The Sims Icon.png
Olde Thyme Victual Preservatorium
Olde Thyme Victual Preservatorium.jpg

Before electricity, keeping food cold was an art form in itself. On the outside, the Preservatorium proudly displays the rich, decorative iron and zinc work characteristic of the period. On the inside, a controlled reaction of barium hydroxide octahydrate and ammonium thiocyanate yields a controlled endothermic reaction that chills the food, while leaving only faint whiffs of ammonia and water condensation

Hunger: 9
The Sims Livin' Large Logo.png
La Frigorifero by Belconi
La Frigorifero.jpg

Living the rural Italian life in today's world isn't easy. Once in a while, everyone needs basic modern conveniences -like hydraulic fridge doorstops and a ColderIce freeze-injection system. For the first time, Belconi brings these cutting-edge modern conveniences to you in a stylish cabinet-front exterior that will have your neighbors thinking that you're still living in the Renaissance. "For the best in culinary satisfaction - go from Belconi to the belly!

Hunger: 10

Room: 1
Note: If Superstar is installed, the butler will not recognize this fridge.

The Sims Makin' Magic Logo.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Due to the way objects work in The Sims, recolors of Maxis objects are separate objects. Therefore, recolors of Maxis fridges may have prices and Hunger values that are different from the originals.

The Sims 2[edit | edit source]

Refrigerators in The Sims 2
Game The Sims 2
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §350-§1800
Object type(s) Appliance

Refrigerators in The Sims 2 ship with a full food supply. Sims can be instructed to prepare meals or obtain snacks from the refrigerator. As the supply of food is used up, a family member must top up its contents manually, either at a grocery store or by ordering it over the phone or computer. Each unit of food costs §2, though food bought from a Sim-owned business[TS2:OFB] may cost more. Sims will usually put groceries in the refrigerator, but may put them on a counter or other surface. If this happens, the player can click on the basket and select "Put Away". If a Sim bought groceries from more than one display, whether in a business or on a normal community lot, there will be a basket for each display the Sim bought from. However, only the first basket will automatically be put away or put down; others will have to be removed from the Sim's inventory and put away. While buying from multiple displays, especially in business, adds a touch of realism, there is no other reason to do it. Refrigerators can also be restocked for free by enabling the testing cheats, shift-clicking on them, and selecting the "Restock" option.

Refrigerators on community lots do not need to be stocked, but Sims will be charged every time they take food from them, much like in The Sims. A secret society will be charged whenever its refrigerator is used, but the refrigerator will always be fully stocked. Also, the food supply of a refrigerator in a dormitory cafeteria will not diminish when food is made by the cafeteria attendant but will diminish when dorm residents take food from it.[TS2:U] Likewise, in an owned business, businesses will be charged whenever a Sim takes food from a refrigerator on the lot.[TS2:OFB]

If babies or toddlers are present on the lot, refrigerators will have an additional interaction to obtain baby bottles from them. If a high chair is present, Sims can also obtain proper baby food for toddlers seated in them.

Sims who are hungry and sloppy may autonomously stuff their face with food in front of the refrigerator. Pregnant Sims are more likely to do this. In Nightlife, Sims can be told to juggle bottles from any refrigerator, which will increase their fun motive. Playful Sims may do this autonomously. Sims may also autonomously play with the refrigerator doors, though this appears to be uncommon.

Starting with Seasons, refrigerators can store leftovers, which will stay good indefinitely. Seasons also allow refrigerators to be stocked with gardening produce and fish, which will also keep indefinitely.

All refrigerators in The Sims 2 have the same hunger value, but the more expensive models will hold more food than the cheaper ones. If a refrigerator is stocked with produce, foods cooked with it will have a higher hunger value.

Object name Price Description Game
"MMM" Mini Fridge
Ts2 MMM mini fridge.PNG

Bust out the juice and cookies! This tiny "MMM" mini fridge turns any dorm room into an instant fast food joint as it meets the monstrous-midnight-munchies head-on. With 5 cooling levels and refillable ice-cube tray, although you might miss a real kitchen, the mini-fridge is enough to satisfy your Sim's snack cravings. And, the next party is just a short door away!

Available colors: brown, white, black

Capacity: 80
Notes: Half-height. Can be placed under a counter, but does not have to be. If not placed under a counter, its top serves as a counter and can be used to hold objects or for food prep. Can prepare a TV Dinner and Cup o' Ramen if a microwave is available; otherwise can only prepare snacks and cold foods, even though TV Dinners can be prepared in toaster ovens and regular ovens. Sims cannot get baby bottles from a mini-fridge.

The Sims 2 University Icon.png
Wornable Fridge
Ts2 wornable fridge.png

The freshman addition to this best-selling furniture line takes the Wornable feel from the living room into the kitchen. Sure to match any décor, or at least look like it used to match it at some point in time. This refrigerator will welcome you into its world with open doors. Though it might seem like lofty praise for such a simple item, the Wornable Fridge will pull a room together.

Available colors: green, gold, pink, grey

Capacity: 200
Notes: The Wornable Fridge appears to be a well-used "EconoCool" refrigerator.

The Sims 2 University Icon.png
Brand Name "EconoCool" Refrigerator
Ts2 brand name econocool fridge.png

When you're watching every penny, the last thing you need is spoiled food that looks like some third grade science experiment. This value-priced refrigerator gives you low food-preservation temperatures at a low price. So you can enjoy your chef's salad, hot dogs, salmon fillets, or other favorite eats — for less. At Brand Name, "We've got inexpensive food storage down cold."

Available colors: green, cream, orange, pink, off-white, avocado

Capacity: 200

The Sims 2 Icon.png
Ciao Time Bovinia Refrigerator Model BRRR
Ts2 ciao time bovina fridge.png

Now your favorite foods and drinks can chill out and cool off in style. Extra-wide door keeps everything within quick and easy reach of the hand (and mouth). Unique "OdorAble" feature disguises those gag-inducing refrigerator smells. Separate drawers for meat, vegetables, eggs, and butter to keep everything from tasting like the cheese you keep forgetting to throw out.

Available colors:

Capacity: 300

The Sims 2 Icon.png
Solid Sense Fridge by Romantic Notions
Ts2 solid sense fridge.png

Those were simpler times. Afternoons on the porch, morning breakfast on the skillet, and cars kicking up dirt from the road when they drove by. The Solid Sense Fridge is modeled after those times. Its simple exterior boasts expertly painted plastic and stainless steel handles while its interior keeps food cold.

Available colors:

Capacity: 300

The Sims 2 Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff Icon.png
Ts2 cryonic fresh.png

Originally developed to freeze the rich eccentrics awaiting medical breakthroughs, this fridge slows down subatomic particles to absolute stillness. This effectively stops time for the food placed within the unit, and can preserve the freshness of your groceries until many, many, many, many years after your death.

Available colors: stainless, dark pink, blue, green

Capacity: 350

The Sims 2 FreeTime Icon.png
The Coldinator by Kitchensations
Ts2 the coldinator.png

A smooth and beautiful painted metal surface, stainless steel handles and a modern yet timeless shape are amongst the most salient features of the Coldinator, a refrigerator that keeps cold things cold and looks good doing it.

Available colors: white, black, yellow, orange

Capacity: 400

The Sims 2 Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff Icon.png

The Sims 3[edit | edit source]

Refrigerators in The Sims 3
Game The Sims 3
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §375-§3000
Object type(s) Appliance

In The Sims 3, ingredients can be bought, caught, or grown, and stored in a refrigerator for the household to use. If an ingredient that's needed to cook a meal is missing from both the refrigerator and the Sim's inventory, the Sim will be charged for the ingredient at a higher cost and of lower quality than if they purchased it from the grocery store. Unlike previous games, the option to prepare a meal will be greyed out if there are no preparation surfaces on the lot.

Items can be placed into and taken out of the refrigerator in a similar fashion to adding and removing items from the inventory. Food and ingredients can simply be dragged into the refrigerator by the player. The inventory of the refrigerator can be viewed by selecting the "Open" command, and items can be dragged into and out of the refrigerator in this manner as well. Although Sims no longer have to approach a refrigerator in order to get food and ingredients from it, they will still do so if instructed to get food or make meals.

Unlike The Sims 2, in which leftovers never spoil, leftovers will eventually spoil in The Sims 3, and the quality/price of the refrigerator has an impact on how long leftovers can be stored before spoiling. Spoiled meals can be cleaned out of the refrigerator by Sims or the maid. Spoiled food in a refrigerator will give Sims the "Disgusted" moodlet.

Unlike The Sims 2, food stored in the fridges are shared across all fridges on the lot and are not tied to each individual fridge. For example, if the player first deletes a fridge and then buys a new one, the new fridge will have all the food that was in the old fridge. Also, if there are multiple fridges on the lot, they all have the same contents; removing one item from one fridge removes it from all of the other fridges. The rate that food spoils depends on the fridge with the lowest quality. With patch 55, if a household owns multiple homes in one world, fridges on these lots share the same food inventory as well.

Object name Price Description Game
Chillgood Fridge

Woah there, Chillsworth! Relax, slow down... chill. The Chilgood Fridge isn't your standard, uptight high value refrigerator. It has no posh notions. It just is, man. Keep your food and vibes cool with the Chillgood!

Available colors: silver, gray, brown

Hunger: 5
Note: Eating leftovers from a Chillgood Fridge can randomly give Sims the negative "Tastes Like Fridge" moodlet.

TS3 Icon.png
2-Door Galore Refrigerator

With the 2-Door Galore, your options for food storage increase dramatically. You can put all your refrigerated food in one side and the frozen in the other. Or you could put all your odd food in one side and the even in the other. The choice is yours.

Available colors: silver, gray, white

Hunger: 6
Note: This refrigerator is the most common, appearing in several houses.

TS3 Icon.png
Icebox Drawer

Traditionally, refrigerator drawers have been called "crispers", despite the fact that they have no actual crisping capabilities whatsoever. It's time to stop the pretense and just call it a drawer. At least that's what the makers of the Icebox Drawer tell themselves every day.

Available colors: gray, white, black, red

Hunger: 7

TS3 Icon.png
The Fresher Refrigerator

Keep food fresh - practically forever - with the Fresher Refrigerator. Packed with nooks and crannies to store your potent potables, your vegetables will shiver from this appliance to your plate to make food taste better than ever.

Available colors:

Hunger: 8
Environment Score: 4

TS3 Icon.png
MinusOne Kelvin Refrigerator
Object storage minusone degree kelvin refrigerator fridge.jpg
Career reward

To some scientists, zero degrees Kelvin is the absolute lowest theoretical temperature possible. That didn't stop us at MinusOne Kelvin industries from patenting the name. MinusOne Kelvin: better than the best refrigerator theoretically possible!

Note: Reaching level 10 in the Culinary career will grant a Sim the MinusOne Kelvin Refrigerator career reward that keeps its contents fresh indefinitely.;Trivia
  • -1 Kelvin is actually a non-existent temperature. 0 Kelvin (-273.15 degrees Celsius / -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit) is the theoretical 'absolute zero': the minimum possible temperature, at which there is zero energy in a system: particles are completely motionless. It can never be achieved in practice.[1]
  • The temperature range at which nitrogen is a liquid under atmospheric pressure is actually 63K to 77K.
  • It is not available for purchase even when using the buydebug cheat. However, with the cheat, the player may duplicate the refrigerator for §4,000 each.
TS3 Icon.png
Fridge of the Future

Embrace the future of yesterday's tomorrow by installing the Fridge of the Future in your home. Pull open the mid-century Atomic Age design doors and enjoy icy cold food cooled by liquid nitrogen. Install the same technology used by astronauts in your home today!

Available colors: silver, red, black

Hunger: 8
Environment Score: 6

TS3LN Icon.png
Petite Breeze
Petite Breeze.jpg

With separate controls for the upper and lower compartments, the Petite Breeze offers the ultimate temperature control for discerning connoisseurs. This stylish compact refrigerator is triple coated with a proprietary eco-shield that withstands even the harshest elements. The elegant design is sure to be the centerpiece of your outdoor oasis for years to come.

Available colors:

Hunger: 6

TS3OLS Icon.png
Frosty the Fridge
Frosty the Fridge.jpg

Those who live in glass houses should get a glass refrigerator to match. Keep your food and beverages frosty cold with this frosted-glass front fridge!

Available colors:

Hunger: 8
Environment Score: 5

TS3G Icon.png
Ranchero Refrigerator
Ranchero Refrigerator.jpg

SimKing's advanced kitchen technology and design brings you this southwestern-style ice box. Live life in the country without sacrificing the conveniences of modern technology. "Rough it, but don't" is their motto.

Available colors:

Hunger: 8
Environment Score: 4

TS3P Icon.png
Old Looking New Fridge
Old Looking New Fridge.jpg

Old refrigerators are terrible. They're clunky and dangerous. Get rid of that nasty old fridge and treat yourself to a fridge that only looks old! Those are amazing! Shiny new refrigerators that only look old consistently win Customer Favorite every year at FridgeCon. Shouldn't your kitchen have a new Old Looking Refrigerator?

Available colors:

Hunger: 8
Environment Score: 4

TS3SN Icon.png
Manse Mini-Fridge
Manse Mini-Fridge.jpg

A lightweight refrigerator ideal for students or anyone who loves snacking. Those seeking full meals, look elsewhere. Put one in every room for easy access to your snacks!

Available colors:

Hunger: 5

TS3UL Icon.png
Plastocene Refrigerator
Plastocene Refrigerator.jpg

After centuries of global warming, Simkind finally hit upon the solution to this global crisis: build more refrigerators! Do your part for the environment with this glacially powerful appliance.

Available colors:

Hunger: 8
Environment Score: 4

TS3ITF Icon.png

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

Refrigerators in The Sims 4
Game The Sims 4
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §375-§14,000
Object type(s) Appliance

Refrigerators function like those in The Sims, where refrigerators are fully stocked and Sims are charged whenever they cook a new meal. Sims are also able to choose between one, four, or eight servings made for each meal made from the refrigerator. Refrigerators can store leftovers, but they will spoil if not completely consumed after a few days. Sims need to clear the refrigerator of empty plates as they will also spoil in there.

Refrigerators can now break, which will cause puddles to form around it. It will then need to be repaired by a Sim or replaced. As in The Sims 3, if a lot's refrigerator is replaced, all food stored in the old refrigerator will be carried over to the new refrigerator.

Cats can jump onto a refrigerator.[TS4:C&D]

Object name Price Description Game
Crisponix Budget Dee-lux
C Budget Dee-Lux.png

We're going to be upfront with you here: this fridge does not have a crisper. Oh, it has a drawer in the bottom with the word "crisper" written on it, but honestly? It's just a drawer. But now that you know you can trust us, why not pick up a Budget Dee-Lux for most of your food-storing needs?

Available colors: beige, green, grey, blue, black, pink

Food Quality: 3
Reliability: 3

TS4 Icon.png
Crisponix Adequate
C Adequate.png

This is a pretty good fridge. You should be fully satisfied with it. If we HAD to nitpick... maybe the crisper could be a little better. But seriously, it's a solid refrigerator, we feel like jerks for even bringing the crisper up. It's a solid fridge.

Available colors: white, red, grey, blue, black, beige, peach

Food Quality: 4
Reliability: 3

TS4 Icon.png
Crisponix Splendid
C Splendid.png

To answer your question: yes. The crisper in this refrigerator is excellent. Rest assured that anything of yours that needs will be sufficiently crisped, even if your standards for crisping are very high. (And whose aren't?) Additional features: Shelves, Tiny light bulb.

Available colors: white, light grey, dark grey

Food Quality: 5
Reliability: 5

TS4 Icon.png
IceBOX Vintage Refrigerator

This fridge combines the charm of an antique icebox with the convenience of modern technology, ensuring your food stays cold without daily ice delivery.

Available colors: black, white, brown

Food Quality: 6
Reliability: 5

TS4 Icon.png
Crisponix Ultragreat w/ Deluxe Crisper
C Ultragreat.png

You will literally bladder fail when you see how the crisper is in this fridge. This crisper is so good it's ridiculous. You'll perceive levels of crispness you didn't even know existed. This crisper is so freaking amazing, we actually considered making the entire fridge the crisper. It's that good.

Available colors: grey, grey w/ gold, black w/ grey

Food Quality: 8
Reliability: 8

TS4 Icon.png
Icebox of Steel by Krampft Industries
Icebox of Steel.png

A frighteningly modern stainless steel refrigerator that brooks no compromise.

Available colors: black, white, brown

Food Quality: 8
Reliability: 8
Inspiring Aura: adds 5
Note: This is a reward for achieving Level 8 in the Culinary career, Chef branch.

TS4 Icon.png
The Schmapple Fridge
Schmapple Fridge.png

We looked at refrigerators, and we realized we could do something better. What if using a fridge was as simple as opening a door, and touching the food you want to select? Our fridge can do that, and what's more, it's available starting today. Introducing: The Schmapple Fridge. It's Refrigeration, to the Power of You.

Available colors: grey w/ orange, teal, red, black, pink, purple, white

Food Quality: 10
Reliability: Unbreakable

TS4 Icon.png

Consoles, handheld and mobile games[edit | edit source]

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The Urbz: Sims in The City[edit | edit source]

Refrigerators in The Urbz
Game The Urbz
Price in game §900-§2500
Object type(s) Appliance
Object name Price Description Game
RetrOZone Refrigerator
UrbzFridge 2.jpg

The look is retro, but "cool" is a better word for this energy conserving showcase of low-temp "O-zone" technology. Door activity controls air-flow rate. The more you eat, the cooler it goes, so KEEP ON EATING!

Hunger: 10

Note: It can be bought in all districts.

The Urbz Logo.png
"Savor Saver" Iridium Fridge
UrbzFridge 1.jpg

ConsuMore Inc. does it again! More room, more shelving, more places to stuff food than any other refrigerator on the market! And that's not all! With our award-winning stainless designs blessing your kitchen, you'll have a feast for the eyes, as well your guts!

Hunger: 6

Note:It can be bought at South Side Bridge.

The Urbz Logo.png
"The Thing" Commercial Freezer
UrbzFridge 3.jpg

When they say "just stick it in The Thing," they mean stick it in the largest, coldest, freezer on the market today! Quad compressors. 4 dimensional drawers. WitchTitt ice dispenser. Glass allow browsing before binging.

Hunger: 8

Note: It can be bought at Diamond Heights.

The Urbz Logo.png

The Sims 2 (console)[edit | edit source]

Refrigerators in The Sims 2 (console)
TS2C Fridges.png
Game The Sims 2 (console)
Buyability Buy Catalog
Price in game §500-§1500
Object type(s) Appliance

In The Sims 2 series for consoles, meals can be created by combining ingredients, and cheaper refrigerators give fewer ingredient options than the more expensive ones. The only way to obtain ingredients would be to grow them, to harvest them from a fish tank, or to purchase them directly from the refrigerator. Each ingredient is priced differently and affects bladder, energy, fun and hunger urgencies differently.

If a Sim tries to open the fridge without any money, the following message will appear: "You don't have enough simoleons to buy food!"

On their own, Sims can grab a snack for §5, get generic ingredients for §12 or make a group meal for §36 and make any of the following:

  • Shabu-Shabu - made on the counter
  • Roast - cooked in the oven
  • Roast & Veggies - prep on the counter and then cook it in the oven
  • Dinner-in-a-cup - made in a blender
  • Soup - made in a food processor
  • Casserole - prep in a food processor and then cook it in the oven

In Direct Mode, you can move your Sim to the fridge and grab ingredients or group meal ingredients. From there, you can choose any four ingredients you desire and prepare different recipes. You can view these recipes in the Fridge menu, but you must unlock them first.

  • Note: Recipes do not need to be unlocked in order to prepare them, they only need to be unlocked to view it.
Object name Price Description Game
EconoCool Refrigerator
EconoCool Refrigerator.png

Low temperatures, low price. EconoCool lets you stretch your simoleons and your leftovers at the same time. Grab a snack or "get creative" by making something yourself. Who thought refrigerators could be so cool?

Hunger: 4
TS2C icon.png
Chow Bella Bachelor Fridge
Chow Bella Bachelor Fridge.png

Today's fridge is way more than a simple food preservation's a companion and a partner. Chow Bella not only estimates your nutritional needs, she also tries to look her best, cleans her drawers daily, and even entertains your friends- without a smart mouth. Finally- a fridge you can introduce to Mom!

Hunger: 6
TS2C icon.png
Nostalgix Refrigerator
Nostalgix Refrigerator.png

Using time travel, we at Nostalgix Industries travel back in time to rob people of their possessions so that we can give today's customers fabulous designs at a great price! We stole this collection of refrigerators from an appliance store in the upper Midwest. Enjoy!

Hunger: 8
TS2C icon.png
U-Probe-It Refrigerating Organism
U-Probe-It Refrigerating Organism.png

The U-Probe-It Refrigerating Organism is not a refrigerator but a living space entity bred and raised to assist its fellow entities with important refrigerating tasks like cooling stuff, freezing stuff, and displaying the art of young sporelings.

Hunger: 10

Note: Earn 7,700 Aspiration Points to unlock this object.

TS2C icon.png

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Absolute Zero at
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