Reality Bites
Lot type Residential
Value §35,000
Lot size Medium
Number of floors 1
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1
Neighborhood SimValley
Game The Sims (console)

Reality Bites is the second house in The Sims for console. At the end of Mom's house, Mom Landgraab tells the player's Sim that she bought them this house from Malcolm Landgraab. It used to be the house of Mimi and Dudley Landgraab, but due to their hard partying, it is the victim of a recent fire.

House Info Edit

The house has 6 rooms; the living room which has a monochrome TV, a computer, a treadmill, and a basic couch and a lamp. The dining room is pretty basic, as it has the normal dining table and some chairs. The kitchen has basic counters, a basic stove, fridge, and an espresso machine. In the study room, there is a bookcase and a chair for reading, the bathroom which has a basic toilet and bathtub, and there is a bedroom which has a mirror for changing the player's Sim's appearance, some flowers and a bed. The house also has a backyard that has a grill that can be used. Due to the fire, some of the walls, wallpaper, and floor tiles in the kitchen have been burned down leaving ash behind.

Objectives Edit

The broken items in the house include: a television, a computer, a toilet, and an espresso machine. These items with the exception of the clogged toilet are all almost repaired so it takes less time for the player to repair them due to their low mechanical skill. When the goal is completed, the player unlocks the repairman. To clean the house up, they need to sweep up all the ashes from the fire, clean up all the water from the bathroom and any trash and plates that are left. When the sim does this, they unlock the maid. As for the two promotions, the first one is achieved by going to work in a good mood and the second promotion is accomplished by building up two skill points in the required skill.

Strategy Edit

When starting this stage, many parts of the house are going to be dirty meaning, the player's Sim's room motive will be lowered. Because of this, many players will complete the clean the house objective first so they don't need to worry about the house getting dirty since the maid will be available. There are also a few objects the player can sell that will allow the player to buy some better ones, objects like the wiffer puff: gold and the coat of arms in the study can both be sold for a decent amount of money. This will allow the player to buy better items for the house and make it so the player doesn't need to fix the TV and computer before being able to do anything fun.

Players should also try to fix the broken objects very early in the stage since items after being repaired can be sold for better items.

Some players might also plan to stay longer than usual for this stage as it is the only stage the player is alone as well as it being a good stage to make a few friends and to build up a few of the player's Sim's skills.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only house in the game that the player's Sim lives alone.
  • There is a small chance that Malcolm will call the house if some objectives are not completed. When he does so, he threatens the player by saying he might call his or her employer.
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