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A horse training for racing in a race course.

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Racing is a horse skill introduced in The Sims 3: Pets. The pet traits Fast and Genius boost its learning rate, while the Lazy trait slows down progress.


  • Meters Galloped
  • Time Spent Training For Racing
  • Race Competitions Won
  • Cross-Country Competitions Won


Champion Racehorse
Champion Racehorses have won more than 15 Advanced or International Racing Competitions at the Equestrian Center. Their racing fame makes them and their offspring far more valuable to horse buyers and breeders.
Long Distance Racer
To be a Long Distance Runner, a horse must gallop more than 20,000 meters. After achieving this milestone, every second spent galloping brings utter joy and satisfaction of knowing one was born to run with the wind.
Endurance Equine
The title of Endurance Equine is given to horses that have spent more than 15 hours Training For Races. These horses have built up their endurance to the point that they no longer get fatigued from race training.


Image Moodlet Name Mood Effect Time Period Game Dialog/Description
Pumped Pony Pumped Pony +30 2 Hours (Horse's Name) is getting pumped up and ready to gallop.
Running With The Wind Running With The Wind +20 2 Hours It feels so natural to be running out in the open and feeling the wind against my hide.


Level Ability
2 "Jockey training" option when training
3 Enter Equestrian Center Advanced Racing and Cross-Country competitions (with a qualified rider)
4 Faster gallop, "endurance training" option when training
5 Horses feel especially satisfied after a good race training session
6 "Hard gallop" option when training
7 Enter Equestrian Center International Racing and Cross-Country competitions (with a qualified rider)
8 "Perfect pace" option when training
10 Faster gallop


  • Unicorns automatically start with level 10 racing skill.
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