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Teens attending prom

Prom is a special event for teens to attend at school. This feature appears in The Sims 3: Generations. Prom is essentially a series of events inside the school, in which players cannot see what is happening, but only receive notifications about what happens to their Sims.

Every week, there's a chance that prom will occur on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, as long as there is a teen in the household. After prom occurs, there will be a two-week cooldown until there will be a chance of another event. A notice will pop up on the screen to inform the players to prepare their teens for prom.

Prior to the event, teens can ask someone to go to prom with them, and that Sim does not necessarily have to be their boyfriend/girlfriend. That Sim might accept or reject, politely or rudely. If the teens haven't found a partner to go to prom with, there's a chance that they will receive a phone call asking them to be partnered with one of their friends. Alternatively, Sims can go alone to prom, but if they do, certain events such as new romance events will not occur during the prom.

On the day of prom, the player will be reminded that the prom will start at 6 PM. Teens who are at home around 5 PM will be picked up by a white limo, but they can also go to prom by themselves. Teens will wear formal wear to the prom. Prom will end at 10 PM, during which curfew will begin. During prom, there are several types of events that can occur to Sims:

  1. New romance events
  2. Going steady events
  3. First kiss events
  4. Prom king / prom queen events
  5. Denied events
  6. Ditched events
  7. Fight events
  8. Various events

The interval between each event is 30 minutes, meaning that there are at least 8 events that can occur during prom. However, some event types may not occur. New romance events will not occur if the Sim already has a romantic interest, including their prom partner. Going steady, first kiss, getting ditched, and denied events will not occur if the Sim doesn't have a partner. By default, various events will happen, if neither of the specific events occurs.

For many event types, there are various factors which can affect the chance of whether they or not they will occur:

  • The chance of new romance, going steady, and first kiss events is higher if the Sim has Great Kisser, Flirty, and Charismatic traits.
  • The chance of going steady events is higher if both Sims' relationships are high.
  • The chance of prom king / queen events is higher if the Sim has Charismatic, Ambitious, and Friendly traits or if the Sim has had dreams about being a prom king / queen, and also depends on how many friends the Sim has.
  • The chance of denied and ditched events is higher if the Sim has Loser, Unflirty, and Unlucky traits.
  • The chance of ditched events is lower if both Sims' relationships are high.
  • The chance of fight events is higher if the Sim has Hot-Headed, Insane, and Mean Spirited traits.

When the prom ends, Sims will be notified that the curfew has begun. Each teens in the household will be given a prom picture in their inventory.

Sims enrolled in boarding school can also attend prom. They will be sent home 2 hours before prom starts. In the morning after, they will be picked up again to continue their studies.

Sims will have their picture taken, either with their date or by themselves.

The Sim has chance of being elected Prom Queen or King, and if so, a small prize[which?] will be added to the given Sim's inventory, as well as a moodlet [which?].

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The music that plays inside prom is from The Royal Academy level in MySims Kingdom.
  • One of the messages given from a Sim for accepting a prom date is that they think they might be abducted by aliens before it happens. This can be given by anyone, though it will also suit Bella Goth's disappearance in The Sims 2.
  • If the player changes to a different household after being notified about an upcoming prom, the limo will not arrive at the currently active household, but the home where the notice was received. When this happens, the Teens may run to the other house and get into the limo there.

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